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We are Peggy + Megan Curry – a mother-daughter team on a mission to help you discover a healthy, gluten free lifestyle through our delicious recipes, 1-on-1 coaching, cooking classes, cleanse courses, informative podcast, and books.

We are here to help guide you back to radiant health. Pegs & Megs believe that wholesome, delicious food is a huge part in healing. We believe understanding our body’s individual nutritional needs is key. We want to help you make peace with food and forge healthy habits, while honoring yourself and feeling great in your body.

Our goal is to build confidence in your cooking. We will help you create well-rounded, nourishing meals with recipes that light you up, give you energy and help you feel more alive. Your taste buds will love you and your body will thank you. A healthy life is meant to be enjoyed and full of delicious flavors.

Discover the joy of wholesome food that loves you back. Step in, get cozy, pour a cup of tea and reclaim your health one meal at a time… all while discovering how to make your life delicious with the foods that work best for you! We want you to feel your most extraordinary vibrant self.

Damn Good Gluten Free

The Most Versatile Gluten Free Cookbook. Ever.

Peggy with book

Cooking one meal for various dietary requirements has never been this hassle-free!

This amazing cookbook is specifically designed to adapt to a wide range of readers and eaters. After all, no two bodies are the same… nor are their needs and cooking skills. The cookbook covers all the bases with dairy-free, vegetarian, plant based/vegan, and paleo options for nearly every recipe.

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What's Cooking?

Gluten Free Pizza

Pizza is a beloved dish worldwide, cherished for its crispy crust, savory toppings, and melty cheese. For those following a gluten-free diet, enjoying a slice of traditional pizza can be…

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Gluten Free Skillet S’Mores

S’mores are a quintessential summer treat, evoking memories of campfires, laughter, and the great outdoors. But what if you could capture that nostalgic flavor without the need for a campfire?…

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