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Whole-body Coaching for a Vibrant Life

Hi there! We are the Curry Girls, a mother-daughter duo here to help YOU revamp your life from OK… to fabulously delicious! We invite all your senses to play with us.

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Nutritional tips and recipes to support a nourishing, vibrant lifestyle

Our work is rooted in inspiring a nourishing whole-body approach to wellness. Yes, not everyone loves to cook or eat. It’s just not in your DNA. We help you discover how to take charge of your body. Learn what foods work best for you, feel your absolute best, and fall in love with your life.

Are you dealing with pain, fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, migraines, or skin issues? You may have tried everything and are confused, overwhelmed or just plain tired of trying to do everything on your own. Don’t let a busy life stop you from trying. We’re here to help you take back your health.

You can heal and feel the best of your life using functional medicine principles and a science-based process of change. Think of us as highly-educated nutrition, wellness, and mentoring “guides.” Identify underlying causes that are making you sick and create a wellness plan to get your life from ok… to fabulously delicious NOW. Head to our Services page to see all that we offer.

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Meet Meg & Pegs!

Peggy and Megan Curry are a mother-daughter duo that embraces the art of healthy cooking, helping people discover their own healthy lifestyle through delicious food and conscious choices.

We cover every food preference or food related restriction so that everyone feels included and nourished. We believe wholeheartedly that food is love bringing people together and making the kitchen table the heart of every home.

Client Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, thank you Peggy & Megan Curry for teaching me a new way to love food. I never understood that food can really love you. I always thought it was a one-way relationship – either you eat yummy food or you eat clean food but you can’t have both. Now I know that you can have both! Peggy has given me the tools to share the love with my family and friends. In just 1 month, this has had a lovely impact on life. My husband and I are slowly shrugging off our mid-40 malaise and weight. We’re all sleeping better. When 20 kids went home sick from school in January, mine didn’t. My youngest’s attention span is improving. His Cs are becoming Bs and even A’s. Thanks Megan and Peggy!


Peggy has totally changed my life and the lives of my family. The classes were educational, not to mention delicious. Each of the eight classes I took were done in an atmosphere of love and support. My whole approach to shopping and cooking has become much more fun and creative instead of routine. My family appreciates the love that goes into each new meal I prepare. For the first time, I appreciate food as a blessing and not just something you put in your body to sustain you. Everyone should experience Peggy and her wonderful spirit. You are missing out if you don’t.


Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen! I’m 6 weeks in to my 12 week program where I’m doing a modified cleanse. I’ve lost 17 lbs. and 5% body fat in these 6 weeks. I’ve upped my workout a bit but the real credit goes to my diet, specifically the shakes and meals I’ve learned from Megan and Peggy! My goal is another 17 pounds and another 5% of body fat. #currygirlskitchenfalife 


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