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Archive for July 2013

Strings Garden Tour and Hill Street Cookies

Today our little Steamboat cabin  was on a kitchen & garden tour  to raise funds for the local Summer Strings  Music Festival. It was an awesome day! Perfect weather and beautiful homes, gardens and kitchens! I baked my special Hill Street Hippy Cookies to share with all our visitors, and they were a hit! Here…

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Seasonal Fruit Crisp

Seasonal Fruit Crisp is a great dessert anytime of the year! There are so many fruit combinations to choose from!  How we LOVE summer for it’s hot days and it’s many delicious varieties of summer fruit!  This oh so easy dessert is a perfect way to use up all your fruit. Its a crowd pleaser…

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Cauliflower Mock Potato Salad

Cauliflower Mock Potato Salad is unbelievably delicious! If you’ve eliminated night shades such as potatoes from your diet, and you love potato salad, this recipe is for you! Cauliflower “Mock Potato” Salad is a delicious alternative and it tastes identical to potato salad. Auntie Kathy, another Curry Girl and a trained chef, created this wonderful …

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