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Archive for April 2014

Blistered Vegetables

Blistered Vegetables…Seriously the best tasting vegetables on the planet. With a 3 minute blanching then a quick sear, these vegetables get raves from kids of all ages! It’s part of our veggie wars that happen when they run out and the kids would fight over the last veggies on the plate. A mother’s dream come…

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Lamb Stew

Braised Lamb Stew Ingredients: 1 5-6 lb Lamb – butterflied 4-6 new onions coarsely chopped. 1 leek, white part only chopped 1 bag small new potatoes 1 C whole baby shiitake mushrooms, stemmed removed and sliced. Diced shallot 4 Carrots cut into 2-3” pieces 1 fresh head of garlic chopped or 6 dried garlic cloves chopped. 1 C red…

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Veggie Frittata

Veggie Frittata is a wonderful dish that’s so quick and easy to prepare any time of the day for any meal.  I used to call it Pizza Eggs or Pancake Eggs. It’s great to serve for brunch, for a quick breakfast or even dinner! Frittata’s are wonderful way to add heaps of veggies into a…

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Egg and Vegetable Strata

Curry Girls Kitchen’s Egg and Vegetable Strata recipe is the perfect complement to any family or large gathering. The best part, you prepare it the night before and cook it fresh the morning or day of your event. It is a wonderful stress free breakfast or brunch dish that works for Easter, wedding or baby…

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Artichokes: Steamed Seared or Stuffed

Spring is artichoke season. We love them steamed, seared or stuffed! As with most plants there are many varieties you will find at your local farmers markets and any of them will do. Artichokes can appear a little daunting for first timers to cook. Megs and I will show you how easy and oh so…

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Matzo Balls

Matzo Balls Makes 7-8 balls When we first made matzo “balls” we were ecstatic as it had been forever since our family was able to eat from our cultural tradition of Matzo Ball Soup at Passover! Needless to say, we tried many recipes some using almond meal that were tasty but heavy. We found using…

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