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Archive for June 2016

Gluten Free Pie Crust

Gluten Free Pie Crust: Makes 2 crusts Ingredients: 2 ½ C GF flour (Jovial’s pastry flour blend #3, or Pamela’s GF Artisan or Baking mix, or Bob’s Red Mill) 1 C unsalted butter, MUST BE chilled cut into small pieces ¼ C of ice water 2 Tbl. orange juice 2 tsp. sugar 1⁄2 tsp. salt…

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Homemade (Gluten Free) Whipped Cream Recipe!

Homemade (Gluten Free) Whipped Cream Recipe! Have you wondered how to make homemade whipped cream from scratch? Not to mention gluten free whipped cream?  Well, you’ve come to the right recipe at Curry Girls Kitchen. 🙂 Whipped cream is a delicacy in the Curry Girls Kitchen household and making this sweet topping homemade is the most delicious…

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Orange Baked French Toast with Apricot Jam

Orange Flavored French Toast 4 eggs ½ cup Half & Half, whipping cream, milk or Milk alternative (Hemp, Hazelnut or almond) ¼-½ cup orange juice Grated rind of one orange ¼ c Grand Marnier 1 teaspoon cinnamon ¼ cup sugar Freshly grated nutmeg Gluten free Sourdough bread (we used Bread Srsly) or other bread of…

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Mediterranean Sweet Potato Fries

Baked Mediterranean Sweet Potato Fries Pre-heat Oven to 400 degrees (Convection works great if you have it) Ingredients: 1 lb. sweet potatoes, rinsed, but not peeled 3-4 whole garlic cloves, minced Celtic Sea Salt or a favorite flavored sea salt Olive oil Fresh or dried dill (we used freshly minced) Olives, pitted (green, kalamata, salty…

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Cherry Garcia Smoothie

Cherry Garcia Smoothie 1 Cup pitted cherries, fresh or frozen 2-3 dates, pitted ¼ C coconut cream (We used the cream from canned coconut milk. So Delicious makes a culinary coconut cream as well, or substitute with 2 TBL. coconut butter/manna) 2 Tbl raw cacao 1 Tbl whole flax seeds, freshly ground 1 tsp cinnamon…

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