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Archive for August 2017

Taco Salad

    Taco Salad~great anytime of the year and a wonderful addition to your Tuesday taco repertoire. Just so happens in the Fall we rev back up with school starting and activities in full swing. We hang on to the the laziness of summer. Building your own Taco Salad is perfect for those busy days…

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Nectarine Popsicles

Nectarine Popsicles (Dairy Free) Popsicles are a summer staple. With the warmer weather, we will eat anything that cools to us down! I mean, there never needs to be an excuse to eat frozen treats, but it is just that much more satisfying during the summertime. Since we like to eat seasonally too, there is…

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Watermelon Mint Cooler

This Watermelon Mint Cooler happened because of Meg’s roommate Kate… After a week went by and still having a whole watermelon left in the fridge, Kate asked Meg what to do with it. Meg had some extra mint and thought combining both would be so refreshing! Watermelon is super hydrating. It’s made up of 90%…

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Summer Stone Fruit Cake

Summer Stone Fruit Cake LET’S EAT CAKE~ And feel good about it! One of our favorite things during summer is eating and slurping juicy peaches and nectarines. Farmers’ Market’s have a huge assortment and varieties of all kinds of stone fruit.  Stone fruits are those that have a pit inside them: peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots…

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The Skinny Confidential Pink Detox Drink

Our dear friend Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential constantly inspires us. Lately Megs has loved drinking Apple Cider Vinegar shots in the morning and Lauryn’s Pink Detox Drink is an enhanced version for those of you who are intimidated to drink it alone! Learn more about Lauryn here. On The Skinny Confidential she shares delicious…

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Date and Nut Bites

Date and Nut Bites (gluten free, dairy free, paleo, and vegan) When this recipe was first created I wanted to call these tasty morsels “Meg’s Balls”… LOL… My sisters laughed at the idea of me offering my delicious balls for others to enjoy. So we settled on Date and Nut Bites because, well, that’s what…

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