Chicken Stock (Bone Broth)

Looking for a nourishing rich Chicken Bone Broth recipe? We have just the fix! This recipe has been in the Rosenbloom family for more than 6 generations. Passed down from grandmother to mothers we have made this bone broth for every Jewish holiday celebration and for healing all our children when they are sick. Its flavor comes from the hours of simmering the bones and vegetables for more than 12 hours. What you reap at the end of its long cooking process is this deliciously rich flavorful broth thats ready to drink as is or make into a wonderful array of soups.

Using all the chicken parts and bones for this soup, adds the rich flavor as well as creates the wonderful gelatin we Jews covet. It’s what happens once the broth has cooled and been refrigerated that the jelly-ness is revealed. Adding the thigh meat last to the top of your soup allows you to cook the delicate meat for an hour or two. Reserve this meat for later use and add the bones back into the soup. I sometimes take the thigh bone and pound the bones before before adding them back into the pot. Nourishing Traditions Author, Sally Fallon taught me this method years ago to release the nutrients from the bone marrow! Pictured below are all the parts. See the feet? My Nana Rose taught me to add the feet for added nourishment and gelatin.

Confused about about the difference between stock, broth or consomme?   Read what Martha has to say!

Scroll down to watch our recipe video for this wonderful flavor filled broth. Drink it as is for a nourishing broth or use it to make flavorful soups or purees.

Chicken Stock Ingredients:

USE all parts of the chicken’s bones with skin, but no white meat.

6 organic backs  (about 2 lbs.)

6 organic legs  (about 2 lbs.)

12 organic drumettes or wings (about 2 lbs)

12-14 organic feet (1 lb.)

4-6 organic thighs  (about 2 lbs.)

3 large onions rough chopped

4 celery ribs with some leaves from the inner stock

6 large carrots, scrubbed clean

1-2 leeks, both white and green parts

Entire head of garlic clove smashed, unpeeled is fine too!

10 peppercorns

1-2 bay leaves

1 Tbsp. Celtic sea salt

1/4 C apple cider vinegar (optional)*

12-14 Cups of water (just enough to cover the bones and vegetables)

Fresh Parsley and Dill (last hour of cooking)

Chicken Stock Method:

Place washed chicken parts, all but thighs in a stock pot. Next layer all vegetables over chicken parts. Place thighs over vegetables. Add spices and seasonings, but not the fresh parsley and dill. Cover with water. Do not fill water to top, really just cover the ingredients with water.  Once you’ve completed staking the vegetables, bones and water don’t touch or stir for the hours it cooks. In the last hour of cooking, add the dill and parsley.

Bring stock to a boil. Partially cover and let simmer for 12- 20 hours. I like to “put up” my stock in the afternoon and let it simmer all night. Ohh how the house smells so yummy!

In the morning separate all the bones, meat and veggies. Save the onions, leeks garlic and carrots to later puree and add back into 4C of stock for a warming veggie soup. Refrigerate and or freeze any leftovers for later soup makings.Use the chicken meat to add to soup, make enchilada’s, fajitas, or a yummy chicken salad or pasta dish. Lots of ideas to use your chicken.

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To make matzo balls: /matzo-balls-2/

This soup truly is the foundation for an amazingly nourishing cleanse, stock for matzo ball soup, or for anytime you feel the desire for a nourishing cup of soup! We drink the stock like tea while CLEAN-ing or just for a delicious nutrient rich “tea” anytime of the day!

Other great ways to use this bone broth/stock is in our soup recipes. Try it in our Green Broth Soup, Cauliflower Vegetable Soup or this wonderful Asian Healing Chicken Soup.


Watch our recipe video how to make chicken stock.

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