Clean Salmon Salad

CURRY GIRLS SPRING INTO CLEAN!   This week Meg’s and Peg’s began their CLEAN-ing workshops. In week 1 we discuss the purpose for cleaning our bodies, the preparation, the groove of the routine, commitment to health, and getting the support we all need. CLEAN-ing can be very scary for many, however we work to focus on the positive side.  WE all are worth healthy bodies and happy lives! A little cleaning goes a long way!  Yesterday’s CLEAN CLASS  “Linner” ~ Seared salmon topped with crispy leeks and spring garlic served on a bed of mixed greens, radishes, cucumber, kohlrabi, avocado and sunflower sprouts. All dressed up with our Curry Girls  “house dressing”.  We also added a seasonal stir fry of shitake mushrooms, garlicky sugar snaps, Nantes and purple carrots.   All satisfyingly CLEAN-icious!

Seared Salmon Salad~ Sugar snap and purple carrot shitake stir-fry


Making the Stir-Fry Voila! SO YUMMY!!!


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