1-On-1 Coaching With Megan Curry

Are you not feeling your best?

Struggling with chronic symptoms, bloating, IBS, headaches, weight issues?

Are you stressed and/or anxious?

Do you struggle with fluctuating weight and body image?

Did you just move in with your boyfriend or fiancé, and need to get back into your own routine?

Are you wanting to learn how to cook, try other classes, and still not feeling confident in the kitchen?

Healing involves a whole-body approach. My 1:1 coaching packages are designed to best support YOU. I guide you how to reset your mind and body yourself to live in optimal health! This is a whole-body tune up.

In our coaching I share tools that have supported me along my wellness journey; as well as additional support designed specifically to help you detox all the stress, access weight, inflammation, bloat, and negative energy out of your life.

These sessions are tailored to you and yours needs. They include weekly zoom calls, additional support between sessions, and can consist of guided meditations, Reiki healing, cooking classes, meal planning, and more.

From the time I was a child until I was 16 years old I suffered from Candida, autoimmunedisorders, hypothyroidism, and more. By discovering why I wanted to get better, changing my diet and lifestyle, I was able to reverse my previous diagnosis. I found and have sustained balance within my body and mind. I love my life!

I am so grateful to be where I am today, and to share what I have learned so you can feel this amazing too.

1:1 Coaching Is Done Via ZOOM With Email Support Available Between Sessions.

If You Are Ready To Invest In Yourself And Your Wellbeing, Schedule Your 30 Minute Complementary Discovery Call Today!


These sessions include meditation, distance Reiki, energy healing, chakra balancing, & any messages that intuitively come through for you.

They will vary depending clients personal needs that day.1 HR ENERGY & DEEP HEALING SESSION $177