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Last week we got asked by our new friend Coreen, founder of TheFoodClick, to participate in this blog hop that has been making its round through the blog world. We thought it would be a fun way for you to learn a little more about why “Megs & Pegs” decided to create Curry Girls Kitchen and how we go about it! At the end, we recommend two of our favorite bloggers for you to check out (it you aren’t already obsessed with them ~ wink wink). Enjoy!!


Why do we write?

Megs: I write to share my experience with others who have or had similar struggles with health and food. I hope to help others find a healthy lifestyle for themselves. I write because I am still a work in progress and to share my journey with all of you! I am so grateful for this outlet to connect with this amazing online community of passionate health and foodie lovers like myself!

Pegs: I write to share what I know from my 25 years of experience raising 4 daughters, losing both parents to diseases, being a passionate nutrition educator and co-founder of a school garden and school garden, nutrition education program called GrowingGreat. I am a passionate foodie who believes wholeheartedly that Food is LOVE. I personally love everything related to food~ especially the act of going to the farmers markets, which I’ve done for the past 30 years. AND I LOVE to EAT great food!! Finding new, beneficial and delicious gluten free products or discovering new gluten friendly restaurants always brings a smile to my face, so I write to share everything new I learn and everything I know from experience so that others may find joy in eating and preparing these foods as well!

What are we working on?

Megs: CurryGirlsKitchen is currently working on numerous projects, cooking classes, and working privately with clients. Our main goal is to be able to inspire as many people as possible to adopt healthy LIFESTYLES. This is so much more than just food and fitness for us! It is about mental health and loving connections with family, friends, OURSELVES, food, work, hobbies, activities, etc.

Pegs: Meg said it best! Our main goal is to inspire and educate as many people as possible through social media outlets, online videos, cooking classes, parent workshops and private lessons so they can understand what works best for their body. We want everyone to understand that cooking can be easy and gluten-free can be delicious! No matter what, food nourishes us on so many levels. The type of food you put into your body, whether it be healthy or potentially harmful, will directly effect how you feel. Knowing what foods work best for you, taking care of and loving our bodies is so important, and we want people to understand the power food has on our overall health and well being.

How does our work differ?

Megs: Being a mother-daughter dynamic is truly special. Working with family is tough, especially my mom, but I wouldn’t want to do this work with anyone else. My mom is the one who began my journey to health. Since I was born my health was always a struggle from chronic ear infections to sinus infections to breaking out in hives. I was a mess, and wouldn’t be where I am today without her unconditional love and devotion to getting me better. I have learned so much from her and still do every day. Don’t get me wrong, as lovely as this sounds we still fight like any other mother-daughter (and might even do so more since we spend an insane amount of time together… and I mean like everyday…) In the end, we both want to share our own sides to this story and help as many others as possible find their own natural way back to a healthy lifestyle!

Pegs: Yes, working with family has its challenging moments because we have different styles of working, but it is also very rewarding. It is such a dream for me to see the fruits of my labor! Megan has truly experienced and embraced what it is to eat for her health and has a wonderful way of helping so many young people and young mothers in how to nourish and feed themselves and their families – It’s awesome! It’s not always easy, but even when times get rough, we work hard on our communication skills, taking the time for active listening, being kind and respectful. We are a work in progress, and watching us grow together has been personally and professionally rewarding. Meg inspires me everyday to do better and be better both as her Mother and partner. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Our results with people have been amazing and we so love what we get to do everyday!

What is our creative Process?

Megs: Traveling always inspires me the most. I feel learning about a new culture and their lifestyle gives me a new perspective on my own, as well as delicious new ingredients or recipes to try. Going to the farmers market, seeing what is coming into season, mother nature, getting outdoors, teaching nutrition classes or cooking with kids, finding new blogs, Instagram accounts, or delicious Pinterest pages! I gather inspiration from everything around me. Now how do I translate into our website and Curry Girls Kitchen… I journal and take an obnoxious amount of pictures!! I also typically stay up way too late putting it all together to share with all of you.

Pegs: I wake up early everyday and sit quietly by my pond or creek. I read my inspirational affirmations from The Daily Word and Healing with the Angels as well as positive breathing exercise. In this quiet time of prayer and mediation thoughts, ideas and answers come to me. I journal. I find it nourishes my soul, opens me up to my creative spirit and gets me ready for my day in a very positive and grounding way. I also get inspiration from other food bloggers and Chefs to see what new creative ideas and recipes they have. Megan and I come together every Monday for planning and brainstorming. We compare notes, share ideas and organize our social media schedule for the week. We also recipe test and transform recipes so that they can be gluten-free or enhance it so it has more benefit, but still tastes delicious!

Next up on the Blog Hop …

Our all time girl-crush-blogger-favorite is none other than Aran Goyoaga from the always stunning Cannelle et Vanille ~ It is our inspiration. We love Aran ~ She is also gluten free and shares delicious recipes AND a lovely cookbook Small Plates & Sweet Treats.

If you are unfamiliar with Aran, allow us to introduce you one of the most beautiful websites. She is way more than a blogger ~ Aran is a James Beard Award finalist (two years back-to-back… no biggie…), chef, photographer, writer, stylist, and teacher (she leads food & photography retreats). Read more about Aran in her own words ~ here

Another beautiful blog is our neighbor-baker Julia Webb of See You in the Morning. She has lived down the street from Curry Farms and grown up with Megs since day one (they were in the 33rd street gang: a gang of 20+ kids who all lived on our beloved 33rd street… It was a lot cooler than it sounds). Anywho, Miss Julia is hilarious. Her blog not only has a but-load of yummy recipes, it is a wonderful read inside the mind of a wonderful woman. Did we mention she also is one heck of a baker? Seriously. The girl can cook! Check out her blog and more about Julia ~ here

We are hoping Julia will pass along this fun Blog Hop… to be continued…

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share with you!!


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