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Gluten Free BBQ:  Creating a Menu for Everyone to Enjoy

Hey BBQ lovers how about a gluten free BBQ  where you create a menu where everyone can enjoy! Everyone, gluten free or not, veggie or meat lovers, dairy free or grain free. Everyone can savor all the flavors with their food preferences without any worry. Here’s our top tips, favorite recipe ideas and star sauces you can find at your grocery store for the ideal gluten free BBQ.  Everyone can feel taken care of and feel comfy eating all the deliciousness.

Barbecue (BBQ) lovers who adhere to a gluten-free diet often face challenges in finding the right recipes and products. But the joy of grilling and enjoying delicious BBQ side dishes doesn’t have to be limited. Our complete guide of what to make or bring, highlights gluten-free grilled options, BBQ side dishes, sauces, and even desserts like ice cream. Whether you’re preparing store-bought items or homemade dishes, there’s an abundance of options waiting for you to create.

Gluten Free Grilled: Making the Perfect Meal

When it comes to gluten-free BBQ, the first thing that comes to mind is the grilled meats or veggies. Grilled chicken and other meats are often naturally gluten-free, but one must be careful with marinades and sauces. Many conventional products contain gluten, especially soy sauce. When buying a store-bought brand read the label carefully and look out for hydrolyzed wheat protein, caramel coloring, soy sauce that contains wheat or malt made from barley. These ingredients contain gluten. There are many confusing ingredients you may not know are gluten. These are just a few to watch out for.

We have many gluten-free BBQ recipes we share with you, as well as some helpful tips to ensure the perfect gluten-free grilled experience:

  1. CheckLabels: Always look for “gluten-free” labels on store-bought marinades and sauces.
  2. MakeYourOwn: You can make your own gluten-free BBQ sauce using ingredients like gluten-free soy sauce AKA wheat free tamari. 
  3. BeCautiouswithCrossContamination: Make sure your grill is clean from any previous gluten-containing meals.

BBQ Side Dishes: Adding Flavor to Your Meal

A BBQ menu isn’t complete without side dishes. Potato salad is a classic BBQ side dish that can easily be made gluten-free. Check out below our favorite side dishes we love bringing to BBQ’s

Other naturally gluten-free options include corn on the cob, grilled vegetables, coleslaw and other fun salads. These sides don’t come with labels, however be sure to read labels on any store-bought items.

Ice Cream: A Sweet Ending

No BBQ is complete without dessert, and ice cream is a favorite for our family. Many ice creams are naturally gluten-free but be aware of any mix-ins or flavors that might contain gluten. Like cookie dough or cheesecake flavors. Store-bought gluten-free ice cream is widely available, or you can make your own at home for a personalized touch. See our recommendations and those brands below we personally eat and enjoy! 

Put together a gluten-free BBQ menu that doesn’t have to be challenging. 

Focus on naturally whole food gluten-free ingredients and be cautious with store-bought packaged items. You can create a delicious experience for everyone. 

  • Meat and Marinades: Stick with naturally gluten-free grilled options like chicken, beef, or fish, and always check labels on store-bought marinades or make your own.
  • BBQ Side Dish: Options like potato salad and grilled vegetables can be made gluten-free with little effort.
  • Desserts: Many ice creams are naturally gluten-free, but be cautious of certain flavors or toppings. Check out our recipes below we love to bake for our BBQ gathering! 
  • Awareness of Cross-Contamination: Be mindful of the surfaces and utensils you use to ensure a gluten-free environment for all your family and friends with allergens and specific conditions.

A gluten-free BBQ is not just a possibility; it’s an enjoyable reality. With a bit of knowledge and a little planning, you can create a wonderful BBQ menu that caters to everyone’s needs. From grilled chicken or veggies to side dishes like our “mock” potato salad using cauliflower, to a sweet finish with ice cream or another scrumptious dessert, there’s a world of gluten-free options just waiting for you. So, fire up your grill, clean it well and enjoy the flavors of summer, gluten-free style! Yahoo!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes BBQ sauce gluten-free?

Gluten-free BBQ sauce is made without ingredients containing wheat, barley, or rye. Some sauces contain Worchester or soy sauce, both can be gluten free, however regular BBQ sauce is not gluten free.  Check the labels for a certified “gluten-free” mark.

2. Can I use regular soy sauce in gluten-free BBQ recipes?

Regular soy sauce contains wheat and is not suitable for a gluten-free diets. Look for gluten-free wheat free soy sauce, which is readily available in many stores.

3. How do I avoid cross-contamination on the grill?

To avoid cross-contamination, make sure to clean the grill thoroughly if it has been used to cook items containing gluten. Using separate utensils and grill sections for gluten-free food can also be helpful.

4. Are there ready-made gluten-free BBQ products available?

Yes, many brands offer gluten-free BBQ sauces, marinades, and other products. Always check labels for certification to ensure they meet gluten-free standards.

5. What meats can I grill for a gluten-free BBQ?

Answer: Most meats are naturally gluten-free, but pre-marinated or processed meats may contain gluten. Stick with fresh meats and use gluten-free marinades and seasonings.

6. Is ice cream safe for a gluten-free dessert?

Many ice creams are naturally gluten-free, but some flavors or add-ins might contain gluten. Check labels, and see all the choices we’ve share with you above ☺ 

7. How do I make sure my guests know the BBQ is gluten-free?

Communication is key. Inform your guests beforehand and label dishes if needed. Make sure to answer any questions they may have about ingredients or preparation.

8. Can a BBQ be gluten-free?

While fresh chicken, pork and beef are gluten-free in their natural form, the sauces and marinades used on those meats can contain gluten. If your host is grilling marinated foods, ask if you can bring your own or if they would mind leaving a piece for you that is not marinated.

9. Can you cross contamination on a grill with gluten?

Other tips to stay gluten-free while grilling:

  1. Cook gluten-free items separately from gluten-containing foods; it is best to make the gluten-free ones first to avoid cross-contact.
  2. Do not use utensils interchangeably between foods, always use separate utensils like tongs and spatulas.
  3. Does all BBQ sauce have gluten?

Not all BBQ sauces contain gluten. Today there are many BBQ sauces that are gluten free. Below is a list of the brands we enjoy. It’s always best to check the ingredients label make sure the sauce you choose doesn’t contains any thickeners like malt vinegar, which have gluten.

Here’s our favorite store ought BBQ Sauces and the brands we love. 

Organicville BBQ Sauces

Woodstock BBQ Sauce, organic

Bone Suckin’ Sauce non GMO no HFC

Need more Celiac approved and Gluten Free BBQ sauce brands ideas, or just want to make sure your brand is gluten free? Check out here.

Tips for “How to Grill Vegetables” safely

What to do with your Grilled Veggies

Favorite Deserts

Ice Cream Bar is an easy BBQ dessert and great to have everyone chip in with their fav ice creams! We actually love these better for you brands with no added artificial anything in their ingredients! Just good Ol’ ice cream full cow or dairy free! In a hurry and don’t want to bake from scratch? Serve up some of Meg’s Brownie-ish Cookies or any of the following desserts we love bringing to the BBQ gathering!

Now if you’re doing a great bar. Include a bomb fudge and or caramel sauce, some chopped nuts or sprinkles. JUST MAKE SURE they are truly gluten free! Read your labels. Carmel color is a no go…

Dairy Free Ice cream faves

Full cow ice cream is hands down…

Besides an Ice cream bar these summer time favs are easy to put together and are always a hit with everyone! 

Looking for more Gluten Free and Dairy Free dessert Ideas, we got you! 

Favorite BBQ Sides

Meats and Veggies great on the grill


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