Gluten Free Chickpea Crepes



Garbanzo Bean or Chickpea Crepes!

Wonderfully versatile and holds up super! Great for PB & J, taco, gyros, wraps, you name it!

Gabonzo crepe with bendy crepe

Makes at least a dozen crepes. Great to half the recipe, works perfect! Freeze leftovers!


1 C garbanzo bean flour ( aka chickpea flour)

1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

1 TBL olive oil, coconut oil, plain yogurt, sour cream or water

3/4 C warm water

Coconut oil spray or oil, ghee or olive oil for skillet.


In a medium bowl add flour and salt.

Blend together lukewarm water and  1 Tbl oil.

Add water mixture to flour and salt.

Whisk until completely blended and smooth, no lumps. Batter will be on thin.

Heat skillet on medium heat, higher heat is fine using ghee or coconut oil, but not olive oil .

Once hot, add 1 Tbl oil. Spread it around the pan. You are only coating the pan with a thin bit of oil, not soaking…I even used a silicone brush to add the oil to the pan. Worked great! Or use a spray oil.

Use a small ladle to pour 1-2 crepes into the hot skillet. Wait 1 minute for the crepe to bubble. Then flip

Gabonzo crepe in pan bubbles

Wait another 30 seconds or more. Then place the cooked crepes on a cooling rack or plate.

Cover with a dish towel to keep warm.  Best when served warmed or at room temperature. They are easy to warm up in a skillet.

These are easy to freeze. Line each crepe with a small piece of parchment paper for easy separation.  Place  4-5 crepes into a freezer zip-lock baggie. Store for future use. Great for a quick grain free breakfast wrap!

Here are a few other options we made from this simple recipe! Each wonderfully delicious!

Gabonzo crepe 3 ways

Check out GFF:Gluten-Free Forever Magazine for more ideas: http://gffmag.com/roll-your-own-gluten-free-chickpea-crepes/

Watch our video how we did it: https://youtu.be/4oRf0fx7M-o

Garbonzo bean crepe plated garbonzo crepe peg n meg

YUM!!! Stuff em with taco meat, eggs, veggies, gyro, anything that you would like to make a sandwich, a pita, or a taco. Great for mini appetizers with salmon, dill sauce and capers… Let us know some of your ideas and ways you eat them!




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