gluten free noodle kugel with raisins on plate

Gluten Free Noodle Kugel

Sweet or Savory gluten free noodle kugel will have your heart and maybe your soul.

Growing up in a Jewish family noodle kugel was a traditional dish that was served at every family celebration and or holiday, with the exception of Passover. Noodle kugel or luchen kugel, is also made either sweet or savory depending what part of Europe your ancestors came from. My mother Evy’s recipe is the sweet version. Everyone loved her recipe because it simply was soul satisfying, sweet and delicious.

Once diagnosed gluten free, it was a sad for our family because many of our traditional family dishes we loved so much, we could no longer eat because there weren’t any gluten free egg noodle options.

Thank heaven for Jovial Foods who created a superior gluten free wide egg noodle, tagliatelle, worthy of reviving my mom’s recipe. It makes my heart so happy to share Nana Evy’s delicious noodle kugel with you just in time for your next holiday celebration.

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Gluten Free Noodle Kugel

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  • Yield: 12 1x



2 9oz. boxes Jovial Tagliatelle egg noodles (you will use a box and about a half of noodles)

12 large eggs

1 large container cottage cheese (full fat IS yummier) large curd best, small works fine too!

1/2 of small container regular sour cream

1 cup dried and reconstituted* OR 1-2 fresh apricots or peaches peeled and diced (love fresh)

1 cup organic raisins

1 stick melted butter, (add over hot noodles to melt)

1/2 C organic coconut or cane sugar

1/2 tsp.-1 tsp vanilla extract

2 Tbsp. brown sugar


  1. To reconstitute dried apricots, soak in hot water until softened. About 30 minutes. Drain before adding them into recipe.
  2. Cook egg noodles and drain.
  3. Place drained noodles in a 9 x 13 glass baking dish and add a stick of butter.
  4. Mix well as butter melts.
  5. In a large mixing bowl blend together remaining ingredients EXCEPT COOKED noodles.  After all ingredients are well blended, mix in with the noodles.
  6. Last, top noodle kugel with topping mixture.

Crispy Topping for gluten free noodle kugel:

1 C crushed gluten free corn flakes cereal

1/2 stick butter softened

1/4 C packed brown or coconut sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

Method for making crispy topping for gluten free noodle kugel:

  1. In a strong plastic bag, use a rolling pin to crush cereal.
  2. Using a pastry blender or your hands, blend all topping ingredients together until crumbly and sprinkle over noodle mixture
  3. Bake noodle kugel for 45-60 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven.  Kugel is done when browned on top and knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.


  • Recipe may be halved to serve 6
  • Recipe may be made 1 day ahead and reheated in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Remove from refrigerator and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to re-heating.
  • Author: Curry Girls Kitchen
  • Diet: Gluten Free

2 comments on "Gluten Free Noodle Kugel"
  1. stefany September 12, 2020

    I’d like to make this for Rosh. Can I make everything the day before and keep unbaked in my refrigerator and bake the day of for lunch?

    1. Curry Girls Kitchen January 5, 2023

      Yes!! Enjoy!

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