Going Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free

Hello again! Last week we talked about what it means to have gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, or Celiac Disease. I also went through the common signs of autoimmune disorders. Click here to read the full article.

Today, Mama Pegs is here to help you with a healing action plan in going gluten free. Even if you don’t think you suffer from any autoimmune disorders, I highly encourage you to double check this symptom/side effect list. Remember, autoimmune issues are relatively common—my own gluten condition effects about 6% of the global population!* I know it can be so easy to sweep “minor” symptoms under the rug, because that’s just your “normal.” Like I said last week, I’m here to debunk “normal.” Chronic issues are not normal, they’re messages.

How many of you grew up hearing your parents say, “Oh his nose has been running since he was born,” or “She’s always had chronic ear infections?” Maybe you’ve even caught yourself saying “I’m fine, it’s just when I eat, food goes right through me,” or “I only poop once a week.” Listen to those body cues! That’s your body letting you know that something is wrong. If your cues have persisted throughout your life, there’s a strong chance you have an underlying autoimmune issue of some kind. Maybe gluten is not your culprit, like it is for me, but clearly something is in need of change.

Bottom line: if you’re feeling shitty, it’s time to get some help. The longer we ignore our symptoms the bigger our problems grow.

By now some of you may be saying “Okay, okay, Pegs I get it. I’m on board. I think I have an autoimmune issue. But what can I DO about it?”

Going Gluten Free Action Plan:

  1. For the most accurate gluten sensitivity diagnosis, get a biopsy or a stool sample (less invasive). Blood tests only detect Celiac disease, and produce false negatives in 70% of milder intolerance or sensitivity cases. SEE BELOW:

    • We love EnteroLab.com. Choose either A2 or B1 and if positive, then I would encourage each of your kids to get tested so they know for their kids. It takes the guesswork out for all that is going on for them…as they are still so young… and it took us 17 years with Meg and the rest of the family. It’s why we are both so passionate about this. No one should have to go thru what we did for all those years.

    • Test A2 – tests for gluten, cows milk, egg, soy and genetics

    • Test B1

    • Additionally, read about this one to add to yours specifically: Anti Tissue Test

      • This Anti Tissue is very interesting too. Why measure Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody? To assess whether the immunologic reaction to gluten has incited the secondary autoimmune reaction to the human enzyme tissue transglutaminase. When this test is positive it means the immune system considers tissue transglutaminase a foreign substance causing an autoimmune reaction that may damage the intestine and other tissues of the body. It is this latter reaction that facilitated the development of the secondary autoimmune diseases as a consequence of gluten sensitivity.

  2. If tested positive for gluten sensitivity: STOP EATING GLUTEN. It is the most effective treatment plan. Embrace that gluten free life! Does that process feel daunting to you? Megs and I are here to help. Click here to schedule a discovery call with us.

  3. For all digestive issues, get support from a functional doctor, functional coach, or nutritionist. They can give you tools and supplements to strengthen and heal your gut. Megs offers one-on-one coaching that can specifically address this issue.

  4. Learn which foods work best in your body. Do our 7-Day Cleanse to discover which foods are best for you.

  5. Eat a whole, close-to-the source, minimally processed diet.

Understand a diagnosis is happening FOR you, not TO you.

I know sometimes it can seem bleak or annoying or stressful to get diagnosed with an autoimmune condition like gluten intolerance, for example. The way I see it, this new information just mitigated a potential shit show from happening down the line.

I lost both my parents to cancer, and it wasn’t pretty. Perhaps had they been tested for a digestive and immune disorder early on in life, I would have enjoyed them longer today. Sounds a bit morbid but the truth is, gluten intolerance is a genetic digestive and immune disorder. Would they have suffered through cancer, heart disease, gallbladder problems, gingivitis, anxiety, bloating and IBS if they treated their underlying conditions?

As for me, I had a severe panic disorder, ulcerative colitis, and IBS throughout most of my teens and twenties. All I ever wanted was to be happy and healthy. So, finding out I was gluten intolerant in my 50’s felt like a new lease on life. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching everyone how to listen to their bodies and nourish themselves appropriately.

Make Life Delicious Every Day.

Everyone deserves to live their most vibrant, juicy life. And guess what? That doesn’t mean sacrificing your taste buds in favor of your health. Food manufacturers have created so many great products these days that didn’t exist back when I started in the G-free game. In fact, if you haven’t already uploaded our newly-updated, branded, #unsponsored, Ultimate Gluten Free Pantry List, get it here.

As for recipes? You know I’ve got recipes! It’s been my personal mission to make life delicious every day, and dammit I think I’ve done it! This new cookbook has 130+ recipes, all of which are 100% gluten free and totally autoimmune-friendly. Plus, I made it customizable to various diets, so you can rock it the way you want it. Dairy free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan… I’ve got variations for you! The goal is to make cooking and eating as fun and delicious as possible. Like I always say, an autoimmune diagnosis does not have to be this heavy burden. With the right recipes and a great coach, you can eat all of your faves without the side effects. (Plus, your non-immunocompromised friends won’t notice the difference.)

Intrigued? Sign up here to pre-order your copy of Damn Good Gluten Free, and receive 2 free recipe videos with me, Pegs!

For all my recently diagnosed friends: I want you to know that I’ve got your back. If you ever need support from me, reach out and I’ll be happy to help. Meg and I are all about helping you feel Damn Good! We’re giving you all a big virtual hug. You’ve got this!

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