Kitchen Basics: Level Up with the KIND Method

Here at Curry Girls, Megs and I know the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It’s where we nourish ourselves and we feed those we love. It’s where we chat about our days and unwind. It’s where we share memories and create new ones!

But… for some, the kitchen is the source of stress.


“My kitchen is full to the brim, yet I never seem to have anything I need.”

“I want to ‘eat healthy,’ but I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know what foods to even buy.”

“I never have time for cooking, so my pantry is just full of junk food.”


Friends, you can be stress free in the kitchen too!


The best way to do so is to organize and plan. That’s the ticket to decluttering your space, having your ideal ingredients right on hand, saving time and money at the grocery store, streamlining the cooking process, and honoring your me-time outside of the kitchen.


Sounds awesome, right?! Well guess what? I’ve already created a system for you to do just that. Buh-bye kitchen stress…


Introducing The KIND Method:

Kitchen Improvements to Nourish Daily


This kitchen set-up and meal planning system is the culmination of all of my teachings from the last 25+ years. It is so integral to my own kitchen success, that I’ve made it a key feature in my upcoming cookbook, Damn Good Gluten Free. In fact, in many ways it is the beating heart of the book. The recipes in DGGF even directly correlate to KIND’s meal planning guide! Bottom line, The KIND Method is a tried-and-true organizational guide with an amazing track record. Not only has it helped hundreds of clients, but it has vastly improved the kitchen efficiency in my own household!

So, let’s get into it. What exactly are the “improvements” in “Kitchen Improvements?”


First, the KIND Method levels up your pantries (both fresh and dry).

Learn how to read nutrition labels, what to declutter, what to keep, how to identify high-quality foods, which snacks pass the Peggy quality spectrum test, what “beneficial foods” are and how to incorporate them in your diet, how to properly store your food, and many more tips and tricks along the way.


Then, streamline your weekly cooking with The KIND Method’s themed meal planning guide.

Planning out your meals takes the stress right out of cooking AND SHOPPING. With a well-planned menu, only one shopping trip is necessary to have everything you need at your fingertips. Then, when it comes time to cook, your brain can fully relax and enjoy the process. Bring calm into your kitchen, nourish your body, and bring happiness to your soul knowing you are feeding yourself and everyone in your life with nutritious goodness… exactly how our body’s want to be fed. No judgment. No stress. Just honest to goodness love. Oh! And did I mention, The KIND Method’s meal plan is themed?! So you can enjoy all the benefits of meal prep without the monotony of same ol’ same ol’. Woohoo!


I’m so proud of how The KIND Method has helped so many of my clients. I made sure to feature it in my book, so that I could share it with my greater community and improve their lives as well. Sign up to Damn Good Gluten Free waitlist here.


filming with Sarah and Dylan

But that wasn’t enough…

I’m absolutely ecstatic to share that Meg and I have built a KIND Method video course called Damn Good in the Kitchen!!


This $2,000+ value course simulates the one-on-one, customized kitchen set up service I provide for my clients. It teaches you exactly how to replicate The KIND Method with fun, short videos and simple step-by-step instructions to easily implement in your own home. We filmed it all with our dear friends Sarah Herron and Dylan Brown, in their home in Carbondale, Colorado. Sarah and Dylan are starting to grow their family and wanted us to come and do a kitchen makeover with them. So we did. And Dylan, and excellent videographer, filmed the entire process. Before we knew it, the Damn Good in the Kitchen course was born!


We hope you’ll join us on this fun, relatable, instructional KIND kitchen journey.

SIGN UP for Damn Good in the Kitchen Course launching this November >>> CLICK HERE!


The KIND Method promises big benefits:

  • Reduce stress around cooking.
  • Enjoy a clutter free kitchen.
  • Save time and money at the grocery store.
  • Become confidant, joyful, and relaxed while preparing DAMN GOOD food!

Don’t miss out.


***IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Damn Good in the Kitchen video series will only be LIVE in person with Meg and me this one time. Then it will live on our website. So, save your spot and let’s dance, celebrate and revive your kitchen together!


To get your hands on a physical copy of The KIND Method (and 140 deliciously customizable recipes) sign up to the Damn Good Gluten Free cookbook waitlist.

We can’t wait to share all this goodness with you!


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