Matzo Balls 3.0

Gluten Free Matzo Balls for your holiday chicken soup~ Hooray! Being gluten free was always so disheartening around the Jewish holidays because there wasn’t any Gluten Free matzo to be found…That’s all changed!

Fast forward a couple of years, and now Yehuda has done us proud! A gluten free matzo that actually tastes better then the traditional gluten full brands! So for all our traditional recipes, we are back in business baking our Nana’s and Auntie’s famous Jewish holiday recipes! The first one, matzo ball soup! OY VEY!

Last years “balls” came pretty good using the Gluten Free matzo ball mix…However Pegs decided to try making her own scratch version.  Ina Garten’s gluten FULL recipe was Peg’s inspiration.  She turned Ina’s recipe into a Gluten Free one. The result, pretty darn tasty, light and fluffy! Momma Evy would be proud!  YEE-HUU-DA!

Today Peg’s continues to improve upon this recipe. Now adding a tiny bit more flavor and helping with the “structure” of the ball, we think this 2018 version is another winner! So please let us know what you think!

Here’s to your Happy Jewish Holiday!

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Matzo Balls 3.0

Gluten Free Matzo Balls for your holiday chicken soup~ Hooray!

  • Total Time: 1 hour 40 minutes



3 large eggs, separated
1 Tbsp. chicken broth (Our recipes OR we love Imagine’s No-Chicken Broth)
2 Tbsp. rendered chicken fat, melted (saved from your stock), ghee, or sunflower oil

1 Tbsp mashed cooked onion from the stock. This added great flavor.

1 Tbsp. masked carrots from the stock.
1 Tbsp. minced fresh parsley
1 tsp. Kosher or Celtic sea salt
1 cup GF matzo meal or crushed GF matzos measuring 1 cup + 1/4 tsp baking soda

OR 1 box Streit’s GF Matzo ball mix use both packets (measures 1 cup)

1 pinch of fine ground pepper (black or white) (optional)


  1. Mix together the egg yolks, chicken broth, chicken fat, parsley, mashed carrots, onion and salt.
  2. Stir in the matzo meal either matzo meal or the matzo ball mix.
  3. In a separate bowl whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they are stiff.
  4. Using a spatula, gently fold the egg whites into the matzo mixture until smooth.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 20-30 minutes or until the mixture is firm.
  6. Use a small wetted ice cream scoop or form matzo balls into the size of a golf ball with wetted hands. (they are sticky and grow as they cook),
  7.  Drop them carefully into simmering water, not a rolling boil.
  8. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. The balls expand and grow almost twice their size. Do not open the lid.
  9. After 30 minutes, remove the balls into a large container or bowl.
  10. Keep them covered in water so they don’t dry out.
  11. Before serving, warm them in your chicken soup and then serve.


For best flavor reheat the matzo balls in chicken stock.

  • Author: Curry Girls Kitchen
  • Prep Time: 40
  • Cook Time: 60
2 comments on "Matzo Balls 3.0"
  1. Jonathan April 11, 2020

    So, I’m making the recipe and whisking together the eggs with the chicken stock, chicken fat, parsley, and salt. Great. But suddenly it says to whisk egg whites separately. Wait. Was I supposed to whisk just the yolks? Do I need more eggs? And then there’s no mention of what to do with carrots, baking soda or the onion. ???

  2. Jonathan April 12, 2020

    This recipe made the BEST matzo balls I’ve had since I can remember!! Absolutely delicious – and, it was my first time making them myself. Thanks!!

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