Episode 1


In this episode, Megan and Peggy dive into how they keep their immune systems running full force year-round!

Episode 2

Meet The Curry Girls

In this episode, Megs and Pegs are sharing how Curry Girls Kitchen came to be. Learn about Peggy’s experience living with panic disorder and how she began to unpack the layers for healing, and how Megan began to heal her dysfunctional relationship with food after her gluten-intolerance diagnosis. Get a closer look at why these ladies are so passionate about what they do, and how they want to help you along your journey!

Episode 3


Megan and Peggy explore the many facets of forgiveness, and provide actionable tools for you to strengthen your practice of forgiveness and self-awareness. They share their experiences with forgiveness in their mother-daughter business partner relationship, and the steps they take to truly seeing and hearing one another.

Episode 4

What To Do When Sickness Happens

Today Megs and Pegs are sharing their top tips for what to do when you get sick! Tune in to learn their favorite supplements, the best foods to consume along with what to avoid, and discover some easy recipes to kick your immune system into action.

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