Episode 1


In this episode, Megan and Peggy dive into how they keep their immune systems running full force year-round!

Episode 2

Meet The Curry Girls

In this episode, Megs and Pegs are sharing how Curry Girls Kitchen came to be. Learn about Peggy’s experience living with panic disorder and how she began to unpack the layers for healing, and how Megan began to heal her dysfunctional relationship with food after her gluten-intolerance diagnosis. Get a closer look at why these ladies are so passionate about what they do, and how they want to help you along your journey!

Episode 3


Megan and Peggy explore the many facets of forgiveness, and provide actionable tools for you to strengthen your practice of forgiveness and self-awareness. They share their experiences with forgiveness in their mother-daughter business partner relationship, and the steps they take to truly seeing and hearing one another.

Episode 4

What To Do When Sickness Happens

Megan and Peggy explore the many facets of forgiveness, and provide actionable tools for you to strengthen your practice of forgiveness and self-awareness. They share their experiences with forgiveness in their mother-daughter business partner relationship, and the steps they take to truly seeing and hearing one another.

Episode 5

Building Family Foundations with Communication

Today, Megs and Pegs are sharing the Curry family rituals that built the foundation for their strong family bonds. Learn about their daily and weekly practices that helped foster healthy communication, trust, and boundaries.

Episode 6

Stay Safe During Quarantine

Today, Megs and Pegs are sharing the top ways they are keeping sane during quarantine. Putting these tools into place will help nurture you and your family not only now, but in the months and years to come. They talk about morning rituals and why it’s important to acknowledge when your practice isn’t serving you. They share fun tips for connecting with your partner even with kids around, AND how to keep sane by keeping organized!

Episode 7

Tricks To Eating Healthy

In today’s episode, Megs and Pegs are unpacking their top tips for making healthy eating fun for your family. They share easy steps for meal planning and healthier food swaps for your pantry, along with tips for helping kids enjoy veggies. The Curry Girls also explore how to empower your kids to feed themselves, expand their palettes, and expose them to different cultures right at your kitchen table!

Episode 8

Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms with Kate Seiberlich

In today’s episode, Megs sits down with her dear friend Kate Seiberlich, founder of Üphoric Urth mushroom tinctures to talk about the health benefits of non-psychoactive medicinal mushrooms. Kate shares how she first got interested in mushrooms and the profound effect they have had on her health. They also explore the different types of mushrooms, their health benefits, and different ways you can consume them. This is a great introduction to medicinal mushrooms. If you are interested in how mushrooms can support you, how to support anxiety/improve cognitive functioning, and interested in how to start your own company – this is a great episode for you!

Episode 9

Releasing Fears Around Death

Today’s conversation explores the topics of death and grief. Megs and Pegs share personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned from grief, along with healing modalities and resources that help them move through painful emotions. They talk about normalizing conversations about death, how to release fear associated with it, and the gifts that can come from being present with those tough feelings.

Episode 10

Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality with Alex Curry

Today’s episode is the first of a two-part series with Peggy and her oldest daughter, Alex Curry. Alex is a TV host and reporter for FOX Sports, covering the LA Angels, LA Kings, College Football on FOX, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team. You’ll hear the steps Alex took to get where she is today, including pieces of her childhood, challenges she’s confronted, and opportunities that have shaped the women she’s become.

Episode 11

Alex Curry on Pursuing Passion with Tenacity and Grit

Get ready for part-two of Peggy’s conversation with her daughter, TV host and reporter, Alex Curry. If you missed last week’s episode, be sure to checkout "Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality with Alex Curry"! Today the Curry girls dive into Alex’s career path, exploring the beginning of her career, why it’s critical to take all opportunities and practice your craft every day. Alex shares the turn her life took when COVID-19 hit, and how it forced her to slow down and develop daily practices for her mental health and happiness.

Episode 12

Let’s Talk About Sex with Megs + Pegs

Megs and Pegs dive deep into the importance of developing trust and creating an open line of communication with your kids when it comes to the topic of sex. It’s never too early to teach your kids about their bodies, and this dynamic duo is here to help teach you how. Starting in early childhood through high school, they share their best tips and resources for approaching these conversations.

Episode 13

Astrology: Know Yourself Deeper with Donna Flood

Today Megs and Pegs are joined by expert astrologer and spiritual counselor, Donna Flood, to explore how astrology gives you a jumpstart on personal growth and becoming your truest self. You’ll learn the importance of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, and what the archetypes are within astrology. They also talk about focusing on which astrological cycle you are in versus your age, and what the shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius means for each of us.

Episode 14

Intermittent Fasting: Cut the Sugar & Start Doing Less with Autumn Bates

Please welcome clinical nutritionist Autumn Bates to the show! Autumn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, food, and helping people heal. In her wildly popular YouTube channel, she makes learning about nutrition and the science behind it fun. In today’s conversation, Autumn delves into intermittent fasting, changing your relationship to sugar, reaching satiety when you eat, and the little-known issues with nutritional studies.

Episode 15

Energy Muse: Crystal Magic to Shift Your Life

Crystal experts and founders of Energy Muse, Timmi Jandro and Heather Askinosie, are here to explore the power of healing crystals and setting intentions to radically shift your life. Learn how this duo began working with crystals and ways they utilize them every day, along with the magic of building self-trust and how energetic technology can raise your vibration.

Episode 16

The Key Ingredients to Having Great Sex

Today, Megs and Pegs are back with more sex talk! They explore the importance of self-awareness when it comes to sex, and how to approach uncomfortable bedroom conversations with your partner. Pegs shares how to keep having great sex after years of marriage, and the benefits of scheduling intimacy time with your partner. Megs and Pegs also talk about boundaries, safety, and explore the five love languages.

Episode 17

How You Can Benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy with Talya Meldy

Talya Meldy is one of LA’s premier Colon Hydrotherapists, and she’s here today to educate us on who can benefit from colon hydrotherapy and how they assist with healing.

Episode 18

Self-Discovery Through Touch with Somatic Sex Healer Dolly Josette

Dolly Josette is a somatic sex healer and sexological body worker who helps individuals and couples tune into the wisdom of their bodies, access more pleasure, and create more intimate relationships. In today’s conversation, Dolly shares the benefits of getting curious about your body and pleasure, how to begin mapping your body for self-awareness, and how becoming more embodied will strengthen your relationship.

Episode 19

Finding & Following Your Dharma with DeAndre Sinette

“Dharma is the path to walk through the door back home.” DeAndre Sinette is a meditation coach, teacher, artist, and musician. In today’s episode, Megs talks with DeAndre about exploring, finding, and following your purpose (Dharma).

Episode 20

CKG’s Transformational Reset Results with Autumn Haber

In today’s episode, Autumn Haber shares her insights about the profound effect CGK's 21-Day Reset has had on her life.

Episode 21

Cranial Sacral and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Betsy Rapp

Betsy Rapp is a cranial sacral and lymphatic drainage therapist. In today’s episode, Betsy and Peggy take advantage of a beautiful fall day and talk about how cranial sacral and lymphatic drainage therapy provide relief for the body. Plus, Betsy shares her experience with CGK’s 21-Day Reset Program and how it goes hand in hand with her practice.

Episode 22

Behind the Scenes of CGK’s Delicious Detox

Megs and Pegs share the creation process behind their Fall reset program, their own experience with the program naturally rebalancing their bodies, and how it can help you end the year feeling your best.

Episode 22

Human Design with Katie Calder - Part One

Katie Calder is a Human Design Reader, Intuitive Guide, and Spiritual Mentor. In part one of a two-part series, Megs and Pegs talk with Katie about her human design journey and why she’s so passionate about sharing human design with the world.