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Curry Girls Kitchen’s Family Secret Sauce

Just about every Sunday we do burgers every which way imaginable with all kinds of meats and non-meat burgers. BUT the topper is in the “secret sauce” that pulls the flavors all together. Similar to an In-N-Out and Thousand Island dressing here it is for you to dip, pour, and smather with your burgers and fries!

1/2 C Veganese, mayo, or OUR favorite, Wildwood garlic aioli

1/4 C Organic Ketchup (Annie’s, or Organicville, just no HFCS please)

2 heaping Tablespoons Sweet pickle relish

1/4 Tsp of garlic powder if not using the garlic aioli.

Blend well and enjoy!

We usually make a double batch and save to put into sandwiches or over a nice wedge of crispy romaine hearts! YUM!

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