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Whole-Body Coaching For A Vibrant Life

  • Experience 1:1 coaching with AADP and IFM Certified Holistic Health Coach & Private Chef, Megan Curry.
  • Allow your body to naturally heal on a cellular level with ease.
  • Packages range from 4-12 sessions!


  • 4 sessions: $200
  • 8 sessions: $400
  • 12 sessions: $600
curry girls kitchen protein powder

Protein Powder

Well-researched, clinically validated, product with highly bioavailable ingredients that provides multimodal support for healthy insulin and glucose metabolism and related pathways. It features InSea2®—an optimized blend of purified polyphenols from wild-crafted brown seaweed. InSea2 uniquely slows carbohydrate digestion and assimilation and can reduce the impact of high-glycemic foods. This newly developed, next generation dual carb controller is 100% natural, has an excellent safety profile, and is friendly to the gastrointestinal tract. It is sweetened with monk fruit.

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Cleansing with food works!

Megan and Peggy’s weekly classes, menus, recipes, workbook, and support made it super easy to do. The daily log sheet is particularly helpful. The “no alcohol” was one of the biggest benefits to me. I’ve had elevated blood sugar for most of my adult life. My blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in 20 years!


The October Clean(se) changed my world.

Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen. I expected moderate weight loss along with an over all sense of just feeling better, but I didn’t expect my eyesight to improve! 3 weeks since the cleanse ended and I’m still feeling great and have totally changed my eating habits. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.


Thank you Curry girls kitchen!

I’m 6 weeks in to my 12 week program where I’m doing a modified cleanse. I’ve lost 17 lbs. and 5% body fat in these 6 weeks. I’ve upped my workout a bit but the real credit goes to my diet, specifically the shakes and meals I’ve learned from Megan and Peggy! My goal is another 17 pounds and another 5% of body fat.


Cooking Classes
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Corporate or Parent Workshops

Farmer's Market Tours (private or group options available)

Grocery Store Tours
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Full Pantry Makeovers

Menu and Meal Planning