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Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are a crunchy flavorful coco-nutty treat that has always been a delicious gluten free dessert in our family.  Perfect for any holiday or really any time of the year~ these quick and easy to make 5 ingredient cookie is wonderful and plentiful! Coconut is considered a beneficial fat.  Another great benefit from adding…

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Beet Muffins

  Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Beet Muffins are flippen amazing! Who new that these moist and tasty gluten free and dairy free chocolate beet muffins would be a great substitute for traditional red velvet cupcakes!  They were a hit with everyone we gave them too, especially the kids! No dyes or artificial colors!  Beets not…

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Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread was our entire family’s favorite treat growing up! Kids of all ages loved its moist banana flavor, and of course the chocolaty goodness. Today we use dark chocolate chips to make it a bit healthier and we’ve included our low sugar and dairy free variations.This bread can also be made in…

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