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Cauliflower Leeks and Capers


Vegetables like Cauliflower Leeks and Capers make a great side dish with fish, chicken or as a star in our favorite Buddha Bowls. Sweet paprika and salty capers makes for a flavorful dish. Cauliflower is from the cruciferous family of vegetables known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and heart healthy benefits! Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants…

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Buddha Bowl

A Buddha Bowl is a healthy fast food meal made up of mostly vegetables. For us, it’s a wonderful way to make a quick simple lunch or dinner using vegetables, grains, beans and or legumes topped with gut healthy fermented Kimchee, all in one bowl. Most all of the ingredients you might even have in…

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Egg and Vegetable Strata

Curry Girls Kitchen’s Egg and Vegetable Strata recipe is the perfect complement to any family or large gathering. The best part, you prepare it the night before and cook it fresh the morning or day of your event. It is a wonderful stress free breakfast or brunch dish that works for Easter, wedding or baby…

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Spring Risotto

When spring time rolls around, we love making this one-pot Spring Risotto using all the fresh new produce we find at our local farmers markets. Fresh English peas, sugar snap peas, baby broccoli, asparagus, are wonderful additions to this dish. Other ingredients we add are shiitake mushrooms, leeks, fresh spring garlic, which is milder, and…

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Cauliflower Thyme Puree

There are so many ways to enjoy the health-filled varieties of cauliflower while reaping it’s many benefits! There are many ways to prepare this wonderful vegetable~ sauteed, roasted, chopped raw in a salad, as dippers for your crudites platter, in soup, or mashed instead of potatoes. Here’s a quick yet flavorful creamy cauliflower puree with…

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Sugar Snap Stir Fry

What makes any dish naturally sweet?  Sugar Snap Peas!  Eat them straight up, as dippers with hummus, guacamole, or your favorite dip. Sugar Snaps are a wonderful addition to any crudites platter. Toss them raw or blanched into salads or add them to your favorite soup for a sweet touch. Snaps are great as a side…

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