If you are looking to go gluten free out of curiosity, health reasons or a doctor’s prescription without a roadmap, THIS course is for you!

After two decades of coaching hundreds of clients to find joy and confidence in their kitchen, we’ve boiled down a 12-week process into a value-packed curriculum with our three-part video course! Time is money, and this brand-new course fast-tracks you to success.

Are you:

  • Struggling to find quick and easy ways to make healthy gluten free meals?
  • Overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to cook gluten free and feel ready to throw in the towel?
  • Excited to invest in and be supported through the transition of going gluten free?
  • Constantly short on time and don’t want to spend the time you have following meticulous recipes and cooking everything from scratch?
  • Frustrated with the entire process surrounding gluten free cooking?
Meg and Peg with veggie basket

We Get it. Seriously.

At Curry Girls Kitchen we have felt all of these things, and found our way to the other side of all that guilt and frustration and we want to show you how. So we turned our highly popular and exclusive 1-1 KIND Method Coaching into a self-guided online course!

Our KIND METHOD Video Course Includes:

  • Pre-recorded video training, pantry lists, weekly meal planners, recipes, a cooking class and more to answer your questions around how to go gluten free.
  • BONUS: Online portal that is mobile and desktop friendly so you can access this course and your materials from anywhere.
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to this course, including all future updates for you to revisit this course whenever and as often as you wish!

**This course is designed for you to do at your own pace. It can be completed all in one day or a few weeks; whatever works best for you. You have access to this for life and are able to stop and come back to lectures as you please.

Want to feel confident in the kitchen and learn the skills to cook amazing gluten free meals quickly and easily?

There are three 3 main modules that build off one another to help you master confidence in the kitchen.

Meg and Peg in the kitchen cooking

Part One:
The KIND Method + Kitchen set up

  • Set yourself up for success with realistic expectations 
  • Create your unique goals and intentions
  • Face the fears and resistance you’ve had in the kitchen
  • See which essential tools you’ll actually need: pots, pans, knives, and everything else you need to be successful in the kitchen

Part Two:
Applying the Techniques

  • Discover high-quality food sources and their importance for health and well-being
  • Clean out and restock your pantries, refrigerator, freezer, spice drawers and more
  • Tips and tricks for keeping quality items on hand
  • How to avoid slipping back into old habits

Part Three:
How to Organize + Plan your Weekly Meals + Cooking Classes

  • How to meal plan for the week like a pro
  • Tips for making prep and planning quick and easy
  • Learn Megs + Pegs ways of personalizing their framework to make it work for you and your household
  • Foundational cooking class videos
  • Our favorite staple recipes
  • How to store your fresh food and leftovers

Imagine at the end of this course you are:

  • Set up for success in the kitchen
  • Making incredibly easy meals that taste delicious and support your health
  • Feeling organized in food prep + planning
  • Saving time planning out weekly meals- More YOU time
  • Feeling confident in your cooking
  • Successfully transitioned to a gluten free lifestyle!

Plus, you get to watch us tackle a full pantry clean-out for one of our clients! Think home remodel but for your pantry.

Meet Your Coaches

curry girls sitting and discussing whole body health

Hey There We’re Megs and Pegs! Mother-Daughter co-founders of Curry Girls Kitchen. We are both living proof that food is medicine!

Pegs suffered with chronic digestive disorders, ulcerative colitis, and severe panic disorder from ages 19-28. Pegs has used food as a life-changing tool to heal herself and her family. She has been symptom free for over 3 decades.

Megs struggled with autoimmune disorders from the time she was a child. As she grew older she dealt with body image and an eating disorder. After Meg’s first time doing the program, those 21 days helped her discover what foods negatively impacted her health, mental clarity, develop a positive relationship with food, and reverse all her autoimmune disorders.

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