An Individualized Approach to Improving your Health Through Food and Cooking.

Need to upgrade your eating habits? Have you recently been diagnosed with a food allergy, digestive disorder or health challenge? Feeling overwhelmed by multiple food allergies or preferences under one roof? 

Pegs helps make life delicious every day no matter what comes your way!  

Join Pegs for a 15 min. FREE consultation about your needs… You deserve to feel great and eat delicious food!  

About Pegs:  

Peggy has been working in the health and food industry since 1999 and has helped heal her family from chronic illness through food. 

How did this all start? Well, unbeknownst to Peggy, her entire family had an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. The symptoms? Chronic inflammation, joint pain, IBS, ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and severe panic disorder. Once the family was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, she and her family’s life improved dramatically. By changing their diet and lifestyle, her family’s symptoms disappeared. 

Peggy has gone on to help numerous clients reduce, and even eliminate, recurring conditions. Now, 25 years later, Pegs is the most vibrant version of herself and she can’t wait to help others feel the same!

Pegs Specializes in: 

  • Building confidence, efficiency and ease in your kitchen. 
  • Adapting to your dietary needs with whole food cooking. 
  • Healing your body through healthy eating and lifestyle habits. 

Pegs Services: 

Private 21-30-day Anti-Inflammatory Detox Cleanse: 

  • Initial 1 hour, one on one complete guided support via virtual call or in person. 
  • Weekly 30 minute accountability check-ins. 
  • Three 1 hour in-home cooking classes (depending on location.) 
  • Unlimited email and or texting for daily support and guidance. 
  • E-Workbook that includes 60+ cleansing recipes + photos, pantry lists, menu and meal planning ideas, weekly grocery list, and a daily accountability worksheet.

What can happen:

  • Improve chronic inflammatory symptoms: joint pain, skin conditions, excess weight gain, fatigue, low libido and more. 
  • Improve persisting conditions: digestive disorders, IBS, colitis, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, RA, Migraines, panic disorder, and high blood sugar.
  • Discover foods that specifically work best for your body.
  • A radiant new you!


Private Kitchen Pantry Makeover 

  • Initial Pantry Clean Out:                                        
    • Organize your kitchen for ease of planning, scheduling & cooking.
  • Grocery Store & Farmers Market Tour ~              
    • Choose the highest quality most beneficial seasonal ingredients to restock your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Menu and meal plan with seasonal recipes specific to your taste, food preference dietary restrictions and budget.                                                            
  • Kitchen essentials, tools and equipment that best fit your style of cooking and budget.            


Individual Consultation Services: 

  • Create a health team: Find the right health care professionals for your specific needs: health coach, nutritionist, Functional MD, naturopath or more.
  • Navigate severe food allergies, dietary restrictions and or food preferences.
  • Feed picky eaters or a family with differing taste buds.
  • Parent coaching. Pegs had a unique way of raising their 4 daughters. Her loving approach gives a fresh perspective for honoring each child’s unique gifts.
  • Planning tips for traveling with dietary restrictions in the US or Europe.

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