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We love food. No really. We love food.

Everything about the food industry peaks our curiosity. As a mother-daughter duo, we’re excited to share our recipes, experiences, and generational differences, so that you too can eat and feel as good as we do. Food healed our family! Curry Girls Kitchen is on a mission to educate and inspire you to eat for your health with consciously sourced ingredients and delicious nutrient rich recipes.

Our recipes are always gluten free, with some variation of dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and everything in between. We hope to inspire you to cook our family-friendly, yummy recipes.

We specialize in the tools that help create a nourishing vibrant life…

  • We cook family recipes for one or many. We focus on wholesome seasonal farm fresh ingredients that support  all lifestyles as well as specific food preferences and allergens.
  • Private in-home consultations, kitchen make-overs, pantry set up, and menu planning. Group or private cooking classes or “Girls Night” out teaching parties for corporate or friends.
  • 21-day online Cleansing with Food RESET Program
  • Individualized Health Coaching

Peggy Curry

I’m mom to 4 beautiful, wise, independent, active daughters: Alex 32, Megan 30, Annie 27 and Sam 26. I’ve been together and married to my (BFF) high school sweetheart for 48 years. I am a passionate whole food crusader who loves seasonal local sustainably farmed food. I adore cooking and sharing meals with family and friends, and especially love just hanging out in our kitchen and shopping farmers markets.

Food healed our entire family from severe autoimmune disease. Each of us with varying symptoms was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. As a family we changed our diet and lifestyle, and each of our chronic conditions disappeared. We went from constant suffering to a symptom and pain-free life in 3 short months. No pills or special treatments — we simply changed the foods we ate, the beverages we drank, and the products we used on our skin. 

I believe wholeheartedly that we can prevent most diseases today by changing our eating and lifestyle habits. Having the discipline is not always easy. But with 4 young children at the time, we managed and I know you can too. It just takes a new mindset with patience, diligence and practice. I’m here to bust the myth that eating healthy and cooking from scratch costs a small fortune. We are better off eating for our health today, than eating lower-quality, highly-processed “cheap” foods that later in life can cause disease. Our health is our greatest asset. If we don’t have our health, what do we have? Changing habits and lifestyle is one way to insure a healthy body and mind. We are so excited you found us. We’re here to help guide you back into your kitchen! Because life is delicious!

Peggy’s Experience and Background

1980-1990 – Special Education Teacher and Administrator CCUSD

1987-present Mom of 4 daughters. BEST and hardest job ever…

1995 – 2000 – Founder, Evy’s Garden Organic Marinara Sauce. Raised money
for Breast cancer patient support and research. (sold nationally Whole Foods).

2002 – 2011 – Founder, Kitchen Blessings. Nutrition education and cooking

2002 – Present – Co-Founder, GrowingGreat, National PreK-12th grade Garden and Nutrition Education Non-profit. Peg’s Co-authored the nutrition curriculum.(GrowingGreat’s mission is to empower children to make healthy food choices through hands-on science and garden education.)

2012 – Present – Founder, Curry Girls Kitchen.


Megan Curry

Hi! I’m Megan, number two of four sisters. I have been living a gluten-free lifestyle since 2006. Up until then, I had struggled to find the right diet and lifestyle that best suited me. I am extremely passionate about food and its direct connection to our health.

I am living proof that food cures! Before I found a balanced lifestyle the worked for me, I struggled with my health, body image, and an eating disorder. After college, I decided to take control of my body through the food I chose to fuel it with, and in doing so found the key to loving myself. I transformed from a malnourished, constantly sick, self-conscious, congested person into a nourished, healthy, confident, and vibrant human.

I work with clients privately, doing one-on-one whole-body health coaching, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking classes. I am a private chef, cooking nightly meals for families. I also travel the world cooking on retreats. I have found what lights me up and hope to help more people discover their very own happy life!

Megan’s Experience and Background

2011 – Graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from University of Colorado, Boulder

2012 – Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition

2012 – Present – Founder, Curry Girls Kitchen, Manhattan Beach, CA

2012 — Present — Private chef specializing in dietary allergies and family health
2019 — Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a collaboration with The Institute of Functional Medicine


Kind words from our lovely clients

"Thank you Curry Girls Kitchen. The October Clean(se) changed my world. I expected moderate weight loss along with an over all sense of just feeling better, but I didn’t expect my eyesight to improve! 3 weeks since the cleanse ended and I’m still feeling great and have totally changed my eating habits. Best decision I’ve made in a long time."


"Without the meals, snack ideas and support from Curry Girls Kitchen I would not have lasted 21 days. I texted Megan everyday in the beginning just to complain. Eventually it turned from strange euphoria to just overall happiness at how I felt everyday when I woke up. It’s been a week since the cleanse officially ended and I am still feeling great. I am very thankful to the Curry Girls for helping me make this transformation. I just wish I could continue to show up and have a big dinner at their house every Wednesday from now on!"


"“Peggy has totally changed my life and the lives of my family. The classes were educational, not to mention delicious. Each of the eight classes I took were done in an atmosphere of love and support. My whole approach to shopping and cooking has become much more fun and creative instead of routine. My family appreciates the love that goes into each new meal I prepare. For the first time, I appreciate food as a blessing and not just something you put in your body to sustain you. Everyone should experience Peggy and her wonderful spirit. You are missing out if you don’t."


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