So here’s the thing…
We love food. No really.

Everything about the food industry piques our curiosity. How is our food grown? Where should we buy it? How does it harm or heal our bodies? Our local farmers market is where we get the majority of our seasonal produce. Not only are farmers some of the coolest people, but they also provide our favorite foods we love to eat: whole, close-to-the-source fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh eggs and animal and fish proteins!

As a mother-daughter team, we’re excited to share our cross-generational recipes and experiences so that you too can eat and feel as good as we do.

Food healed our family’s chronic debilitating symptoms: migraine headaches, anxiety disorder, ulcerative colitis, IBS, joint pain, chronic ear infections and more.

Curry Girls Kitchen is on a mission to educate and inspire you to eat for your health through consciously-sourced ingredients and delicious, nutrient-rich recipes. Eating healthy never tasted this good!

Our recipes are always gluten free with variations of dairy free, vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, paleo and everything in between. There is something for everyone! Our goal is to make your life a little easier and a lot more joyful. We offer simple and delicious recipes to nourish you and your family, and we will build your confidence in the kitchen. Our new recipe and lifestyle cookbook, Damn Good Gluten Free, is the only gluten-free cookbook you will ever need! The recipes offer easy suggestions for a variety of dietary requirements, making meals hassle-free. We love helping people navigate their way into a gluten free way of life, and we are thrilled you found us.

Here’s how we can support you and bring you success in your kitchen.

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We will guide you back to health with our personalized plans founded on functional medicine principals.


The KIND Method

From groceries to meal planning, learn how to go gluten free with ease!

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Eliminate inflammatory foods and learn which foods work for you to give your body the natural kickstart it needs.

Cooking Classes

Check out our individual & group classes to satisfy your taste buds and expand your culinary creativity.

Meet Peggy Curry (aka Pegs)

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Peggy Curry is a lifelong educator, food entrepreneur, author, speaker and award-winning health and wellness advocate, who has spent decades supporting others on their health journey. Peggy began her health advocacy career in 1995 when she launched Evy’s Garden Organic Marinara Sauce, an organic food company, which was distributed at Whole Foods Market and other grocery stores nationwide. To further her mission of helping others live healthier, Peggy co-founded the school garden and nutrition education non-profit GrowingGreat, and developed a nutrition curriculum that continues to educate hundreds of thousands of students across the country in making healthy food choices. She has been featured in national media and recognized both locally in her communities as well as by the State of California for her dedication to improving health and wellness.

Today, Peggy loves speaking and teaching. She continues to provide ongoing coaching for clients with chronic conditions and busy parents who need help managing life and cooking. In Fall of 2021, Peggy wrote and published her lifestyle cookbook, Damn Good Gluten Free. Above all, she and her husband, Tim, raised 4 daughters (all gluten-free) with the kitchen table at the heart of their home. She lives between Southern California and Colorado where she loves biking to the farmers market, spending time in nature, and gathering together with family and friends.

Peggy’s Experience and Background

  • 1980-1990: Culver City Unified School district: Special education teacher and administrative specialist
  • 1987-present: Mother to 4 wonderful daughters and 4 grand-doggies.
  • 1995-2000: Founder Evy’s Garden Organic Marinara Sauce. Raised funds for breast cancer research and patient support. Sold through Whole Foods Market and other retailers nationwide.
  • 2000-2011: Founder Kitchen Blessings. Nutrition education, 1-1 coaching, cooking school + corporate speaking.
  • 2000-present: Co-Founder GrowingGreat, non-profit. National school garden and nutrition education empowering children to make healthy food choices through hands-on science and garden programs.
  • 2012-present: Co-Founder Curry Girls Kitchen with daughter Megs. Mission to guide women on their healing journey, help them discover what foods work best in their bodies, and gain confidence in the kitchen while cooking to nourish themselves and their families.
  • 2021: Author, Damn Good Gluten Free lifestyle cookbook. 140+ deliciously adaptable gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, plant-based/vegan, paleo recipes to live a vibrant life!

Meet Megan Curry (aka Megs)

Megan Curry is a certified Functional Medicine and Holistic Health Coach and co-founder of Curry Girls Kitchen. She has been living a gluten-free lifestyle since 2006. Up until then, she had struggled to find the right diet and lifestyle that best suited her. She is extremely passionate about food and its direct connection to our health.

Before she found a balanced lifestyle that worked, she struggled with her health, body image, and adequate nutrition. She transformed from a malnourished, constantly sick, congested, self-conscious person into a nourished, healthy, confident, and vibrant human. She is living proof that food cures! Meg coaches her clients assisting them with menu and meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking classes. She is also a private chef, cooking nightly meals for families. She has traveled the world cooking on retreats. Megan helps others discover their healthiest and happiest life.

Megan’s Experience and Background

  • 2011: Graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from University of Colorado, Boulder
  • 2012: Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • 2012 – present: Founder, Curry Girls Kitchen
  • 2012 – present: Private chef specializing in dietary allergies and family health
  • 2019: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a collaboration with The Institute of Functional Medicine
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