The Curry Girls can expand your existing knowledge and help you create tastier recipes for you and your family’s diverse taste buds. It IS possible to make just one meal the entire family will enjoy!

Are you ready to:

  • Level-up your gluten free cooking skills?
  • Expand your weekly dinner menus?
  • Learn ways to add more veggies into your meals?
  • Prepare a dinner the entire family will want to eat?Help your picky eaters?

What to expect in your 2-hour cooking experience

First, we will review any food preferences, and or dietary conditions, you have before starting. Then, you can check out our tasty menu options and choose which recipes you’d like to cook. We’ll send you a grocery list of all the ingredients needed for your cooking class. (Option available for us to shop for you!)

Together we’ll prep and cook each recipe. Along the way you will learn tips and tools for easy prep methods, as well as how to store and use any leftovers. At the end, your meal will be ready to serve to your family!


Sample private cooking class family menu:

  • Curry House Garden Salad + dressing
  • Taco’s: meat or vegan taco filling
  • Yellow rice
  • Zucchini corn hash
  • Lemon squares
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