Want to learn how to go gluten free and improve your cooking skills? Ready for a full-body reset? Our self-guided courses and cleanses give you the tools you need to maximize your health.

Go Gluten Free

Our self-guided signature video course

This is an entertaining educational step-by-step guide with Megs, Pegs and Sarah Herron as your hosts. We walk you through the KIND Method’s kitchen organization process on how to go gluten free right in the comfort of your home. 

Finally, cook and enjoy delicious, easy-to-make gluten free meals that benefit your body and boost any healing. Say goodbye to bland and boring and hello to vibrant, energizing meals. 

This course is for anyone just starting the gluten free journey as well as those GF veterans who desire new recipes and ingredient ideas. Cooking gluten free has never been easier or tastier! You too have the potential to become damn good in the kitchen with this video course!

Meg and Peg in kitchen cooking

7-Day Cleanse with Food Reset

A self-guided course

7 day reset

Find out which foods work best for you and your body. This week-long mini cleanse equips you with a highly detailed eBook and interactive questions. It is a great starting point for those looking to reset their health. We use clean foods to restore your body. You will begin to listen to your body’s signals such as: bloating, rashes, headaches, or brain fog. You’ll eliminate inflammatory, high-allergen foods that will assist your body’s natural ability to rebalance and begin its healing process. Within a few days of eating foods that promote health and vitality, you will feel energized, have better clarity, and even start to sleep better as you begin to eliminate any accumulated toxins. Give your body a much-deserved reset today! 

Private or small group options available.

21-Day Cleanse with Food Reset

A self-guided course

We designed our 21 Day Cleanse as an opportunity to eat REAL food, RESET and balance our abundant fun-filled busy lives, and to help us slow down from our daily hustle. The cleanse offers us a well-deserved opportunity to stop, listen, and reconnect deeply with our bodies. After 21 days, new habits are formed and will bloom, as the chemical make-up of our cells will have changed. You will feel lighter and happier. When we simply eliminate toxins, stressors, and trigger foods, a beautiful transformation happens. Many students report all their chronic symptoms disappear and they’ve never felt better. You and your body deserve a break. Your body will thank you with its renewed burst of happy energy!

21 day reset

From our 7 and 21-day Cleanses you will:

  • Eliminate accumulated toxins; physically & emotionally
  • Assist your body’s natural ability to rebalance itself eating an anti inflammatory whole foods diet 
  • Learn new healthy habits
  • Increase your energy and overall well being
  • Find blissful sleep
  • AND if you are dealing with chronic conditions, remission is possible!
  • Best of all, you will be a happier, healthier you

What our clients say about our courses

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