Your doctor has blessed you with a lifesaving diagnosis for a digestive disorder such as Celiac’s disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, or an autoimmune condition. NOW WHAT?

It’s likely your doctor has no specific road map or manual for how to navigate a gluten free diet or what to eat. You are pretty much left to figure this out for yourself.

All thoughts begin swirling… What about all my favorite foods? What can I eat? Can I eat pizza, pasta or bread? Holy CRAP! What about beer? You ask yourself repeatedly, IS THIS ALL REALLY TRUE? Do I truly need to be eating gluten free forever? Can’t I just cheat every now and then? And what if I simply ignore this diagnosis, what would happen? I feel fine, just every now and then I get a migraine or belly ache. I can deal with my rash and joint pain. Is it really worth it to change my entire lifestyle and diet? Yes, yes, and YES! It is truly lifesaving.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. That’s why I wrote the book Damn Good Gluten Free and created our How to Go Gluten Free Course that Features our very own gluten free lifestyle methodology known as the KIND Method (Kitchen Improvements to Nourish Daily) to help you relax and know all is well! Meg and I want to share with everyone on this planet once you’ve been diagnosed, and by changing your eating habits, your life will be on a brighter path. A path of health and well-being. AND you won’t be giving up great tasting food!

You’ve got this!

Here’s how we support you in person or via Zoom! 

Our 1-1 How to Go Gluten Free Coaching Program sessions guide your successful transition into a gluten free lifestyle using our KIND Method. 

  • Personal Goal Setting – 30-60 minutes
  • Kitchen Clean-out (pantries and refrigerator) – 1-1.5 hours
  • Grocery Store Tour & Restocking your pantries – 2 hours
  • Farmers Market Tour – 1 hour
  • Meal Planning – 1 hour
  • Private Foundational Cooking Class – 1 hour

You will find peace of mind as we help you set yourself up for success. Our going gluten free methodology is about making incremental changes both in attitude as well as in choosing nourishing foods that work for your body. 

Each small change will gradually make a huge difference in how you think, feel, and perform every day. Peg’s ultimate goal is for you to truly be happy every day or at least try. She made these changes within her own family, and believes everyone has the opportunity to feel great and thrive. That is our ultimate goal for YOU!

Described below are the individual coaching sessions that you can do a-la-carte or as a package. Here we help you get organized so you can gain confidence cooking gluten free meals with ease, and find more joy and time for yourself!

Peggy and Sarah

Goal Setting + Full Pantry Clean Out

Approximately 2 hours, in person or via Zoom

Goal setting: for yourself and/or your family

Approximately 30 minutes

This first step using our method is to know your intention and goals. Is this for you or a family member? How would you like to feel? What results are you looking for?

Most people flounder here because they don’t set a goal or truly commit. Success happens when you commit to knowing your reasons. Why am I doing this?  Health is truly our wealth, because without it, we have nothing. Without our health life isn’t very fun. We’ve watched a lot of people suffer for so long not believing food was a key player in their healing. Once they wake up to it and stop asking every doctor, “Are you sure?” and simply dive in, great results DO happen. 

Take a moment and know your end game. We hear comments such as: I want to feel better. I want more energy. I want to sleep better. I have such brain fog and can’t focus. My belly hurts when I eat. I am so bloated after eating. I haven’t pooped in days. My joints hurt so badly I can’t do my fun activities. THE LIST IS ENDLESS. 

Coaching is helpful! Let us guide you and help you gain clarity with your goals. Having support while you transition is invaluable. We can help you stay on track during this process. It’s what we love to do! Read more about our coaching.

Complete Kitchen Clean-Out

Approximately 1-1.5 hours cleaning

Time to roll up your sleeves and dive into your pantry. This personal clean-out with your Curry Girl helps understand the difference between a low quality and high quality product so you can begin filing your pantry and fridge with the best tasting, highest quality ingredients to nourish your body, while weeding out those lower-quality products that are detrimental to our health. You will also learn how to tell when a product is better for you and those that are not. Label reading and secrets about food manufacturing will also happen. We help you clean out and restock your pantry, refrigerator, spice drawers and kitchen essentials such as pots, pans and any other tools to have quality ingredients and equipment to make healthy recipes and make your life easier in preparing and cooking your meals. You’ll also be better organized and ready to make any tasty meal with superb ingredients. Comfort and ease happen because you’re prepared. Stress free meals served up!

Grocery Store Tour

Approximately 1.5-2 hours touring, in person or via Zoom

Here is where you’ll embark on a lively adventure with your Curry Girl! Whether in person or virtual, we will help you to restock your pantry and refrigerator with the highest quality foods that not only help you heal, but also taste great! No more failed attempts to make tasty meals, the Curry Girls have done years of research and testing for you. This approximately 1-2 hour tour helps you reduce shopping stress and overwhelm, and you will learn where all the quality gluten free and whole foods are in your grocery store. And yes, it’s true, Pegs shopped once a week while raising her 4 kids. Shop once a weekYou won’t stress out not knowing what to cook for dinner (or any meal), because you’ll already have it all in your pantry and with your planning you’ll know what you’re cooking. Boom!

Farmers Market Tour

Approximately 60 minutes touring, in person or via Zoom

Peg’s believes Farmers Markets are therapy. And not to mention eye candy…and the food well, it just tastes better! Talk about getting your creative juices flowing and raising your vibration, here’s where it happens. The quality and seasonal freshness are superior. Farmers are some of the coolest humans on the planet. Pegs has 30 years of farmer friends! 

Join Pegs and Megs on a tour of your local farmer’s market and experience the sensations of touching, smelling, and sampling delicious, local food. Using our meal-planning guide, we will help you find ripe, seasonal fruits and vegetables to create sustainable, nutritious meals for the whole family. Farm-fresh food is nothing short of sensational, and supporting local farmers just feels damn good. That’s what we call a win-win.

If you don’t have a farmer’s market, Meg and Peg share how to use Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), local farms, and your local grocer’s produce aisle to help you find the freshest sustainably grown produce too!

Menu and Meal Planning~ the coup de grâce!

Approximately 1 hour, in person or via Zoom

In need of a menu overhaul? Need new exciting recipes? Tired of ordering out too often? Eat the same ol’ same old? Frazzled by what to cook each night?

Planning ahead is the game changer. Use Peg’s themed weeknight menus to add variety to your meals, have all you need on hand, reduce trips to the grocery store, and save time, money and your sanity! 

Use our methodology to help you get organized with your weekly menus! Pegs created this specific method for going gluten free to help herself while raising four active girls with their wild schedules. We could all use a bit of sanity in our day, right? Her method includes “themed weeknight menus” for each day of the week! It’s a total game-changer for busy families or worker bees. No over-thinking, no running back to the store. You’ll shop once a week and with your well-stocked pantries you’ll be able to make dinner in a breeze. See how this effective method has helped our clients.

Let us help you thrive and shine!

If individual coaching isn’t possible, check out our How to Go Gluten Free Self-Guided Video Course!

The How to Go Gluten Free Video Course is a self-guided video journey using all of the principals we help you learn in our coaching program and the above tools. Pegs and Megs share their 1-1 coaching in this video course. It’s all here to show you how to set-up your kitchen, clean out and restock your pantry and fridge, and help you gain confidence with gluten free cooking!

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