The Most Versatile Gluten Free Cookbook. Ever.

Get ready to reclaim your health, build kitchen confidence, and fall in love with 140 new and customizable yummy recipes that are just so Damn Good!

Welcome to Damn Good Gluten Free, the approachable, gluten free cookbook aimed at making healthy living as easy and delicious as possible. 

It’s specifically designed to adapt to a wide range of readers and eaters. After all, no two bodies are the same… nor are their needs and cooking skills. The cookbook covers all the bases with dairy-freevegetarianplant based/vegan, and paleo options for nearly every recipe. Cooking one meal for various dietary requirements has never been this hassle-free!

Easy to find recipes specific to your diet

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But if we’re talking “hassle-free,” nothing beats Damn Good Gluten Free’s themed weekly dinner guide. Its meal planning reimagined. Take everything you know about meal prep and throw it out the window. You won’t see any of that here. No Tupperware full of “same old, same old” nuked in the microwave. In fact, this isn’t just your regular gluten free cookbook – no way! Instead Damn Good Gluten Free retains the same time-saving, stress-reducing advantages of traditional meal prep, while also enjoying a variety of flavors and all the health benefits of fresh, high-quality cooking.

The book is structured in a unique “day of the week” format for you to follow along with a user-friendly weekly menu planner. Each nightly theme dives into a new culinary experience with recipes ranging from 20-minute dinners to elaborate show-stoppers. Mix and match based on your schedule and take care of all seven days in a cinch. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed healthy, nutrient-dense, and absolutely scrumptious meals. What could be better?

This amazing book features:

  • 140+ Deliciously Adaptable Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Plant Based/Vegan & Paleo Recipes
  • Our very own methodology — The KIND Method: Kitchen Improvements to Nourish Daily
    • Menu and Meal Planning
    • How to Cook and Eat for benefit
  • Themed Weeknight Dinners
  • The Ultimate #unsponsored Gluten Free Pantry Guide (downloadable)
  • Meal Planner Template (downloadable)
  • “Kitchen Altar” and Table-Setting How-to’s
  • Cooking Hacks Galore
  • Beautiful Photography by Laura Dart (photos for every recipe!)

Now available in Hardcover or Kindle!

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Meet the Author

Author Peggy Curry is a lifelong mentor, food entrepreneur, award-winning health and wellness advocate, and co-creator of the wellness and lifestyle blog Curry Girls Kitchen. She began her health advocacy journey over 25 years ago when she founded and launched the organic food company, Evy’s Garden Organic Marinara Sauce. Evy’s, in memory of her mother, quickly became a nationally recognized brand distributed nationally at Whole Foods Markets and other grocery store chains. 

To further her mission of helping others live their best lives through a healthier way, Peggy co-founded Kitchen Blessings, a cooking school for parents, and the non-profit organization GrowingGreat. She spearheaded the development of the curriculum for the Classroom Nutrition program. GrowingGreat has STEM, farm-to-school garden programs, and a teaching curriculum that educates hundreds of thousands of students each year. She has been featured in national media and recognized for her dedication to improving health and wellness. Peggy currently runs the popular lifestyle brand, Curry Girls Kitchen, along with her daughter Megan and hosts their podcast “Make Life Delicious.” She lives in Southern California where she enjoys spending time in nature hiking or biking, finding new farmers markets and entertaining family and friends in her kitchen.

Need more confidence, efficiency and ease in cooking?

Check out our special video course on how to go gluten free, called How to Go Gluten Free, to help you elevate your health and cooking skills. It’s a great companion to the Damn Good Gluten Free Cookbook!

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