Peggy wrote a children’s book to help young eaters, explore not only what’s in season at their farmers markets, but also to try new foods.

This book is designed to introduce young children (ages 3-10) to the world of fresh seasonal food. What shows the seasonality of food better than a farmer’s market! Off Peg’s goes in her big red van taking her two youngest daughters Annie and Sam to the farmers market. Winding their way through each farmer’s stand, the book shares what they find, what they tasted and what they brought home to cook up together.

It’s a fun interactive book shedding light that not all food grows at the same time of year. It includes some of her kid’s favorite recipes they cooked together on the regular. Peg’s believes when you share the gift of food and cooking with your kids, you instill a desire that gets them excited and interested in the process of cooking! When they grow food and or cook it, they will try it and eat it. When sharing in the cooking process with your kids in a joyful way, they will inevitably learn how to cook for themselves.  

The back of the book includes an interactive checklist for what your family will find at your local farmers markets. More Seasons Coming Soon! 

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book are contributed to the GrowingGreat organization, a nonprofit whose goal is to promote healthy eating and empower children to make healthy food choices through school gardens and classroom nutrition education.

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