21 Day Cleanse 

The cleansing process seemed so complicated when I was first introduced to it. The Curry Girls reduced it to simple steps that truly helped me understand the “why am I doing this.” I learned to listen to my body’s signals and realized my “superwoman syndrome.” I am now taking steps to focus on one thing at a time, establish boundaries for what I can do and still get the job(s) done. Thank you for bringing it all together so beautifully. I’m so pleased with my new approach to food and the benefits that come from being thoughtful about what we put in our bodies.


The [21 Day Cleanse] food has been absolutely delicious! All the recipes are healthy and quick to make. I have been interested in health for many years and the course has inspired me to improve my eating habits even more. It helped me become proactive and take responsibility in preventing disease for myself and my family. Many thanks for educating us in Steamboat!


I was really feeling hopeless about my health and Crohns earlier this year. Then I met Peggy and my life changed. Today I am pain and symptom-free living a gluten free lifestyle. My Crohns is in remission and I am forever grateful.  

Karen L.

During the pandemic in 2020/2021 I really took my health seriously and to the next level. I did both the Fall and Winter cleanse. I lost 40 pounds. I look and feel like never before! My Crohn’s symptoms are in remission. My husband has also started to adopt the Curry Girls way of clean eating, and together we feel so much better. We both have so much energy! I joined a performing dance troupe for the first time in over 20 years. It was the highlight of 2021/2022 for me! Thank you Peggy and Megan for helping me change my habits and turn my life around! 


Curry Girls Kitchen’s 21 Day Cleanse cured my painful systemic psoriasis! After 10 years of the best doctors in NYC and LA, no doctor or specialist could help me. Today, I have no more crazy symptoms of itching, scratching, and using steroid creams! On top of that, the food was delicious!! I now start most every day with one of their great smoothie recipes. My favorite is the Caramel Apple. I am now fully gluten free and a big believer in The Curry Girls and this program! Thank you! 

Christopher C.

My blood sugar is the lowest it’s been in 20 years!  The [21 Day] cleanse program with Curry Girls Kitchen works! What they teach is more valuable than going to multiple health care professionals! Food IS medicine. I’ve been trying to eat clean for years. Their workshops refined a lot of my techniques, and awareness outside of the kitchen, but especially shopping and cooking smarter. There’s no going back to the old way of eating. The menus and recipe book were so helpful, especially the daily log sheet. I’m just scratching the surface of the recipes, and their website is terrific for follow up and refinement. The “no alcohol” was one of the biggest benefits to me.  


Your [21 Day Cleanse] classes have changed my eating habits! Love my lemon water and smoothies!!! Don’t have coffee in the morning and don’t have cravings for chocolate – yay!!! Loved all your lunch and dinner recipes. Feeling good 🙂


Wow, just wow! My kids and I swapped out the coconut milk with cocoa almond cashew milk and I doubled the recipe for the three of us… the kids can’t believe that it is healthy when it tastes this crazy delicious! I’m so grateful that I participated in the [21 Day] cleanse! It’s been such a wonderful experience for me and my kids. We’ve made a lot of food and they loved pretty much all of it. The Forbidden Rice porridge, Tom Ka and the spinach parsnip soup were all hits! I’m feeling great. Wasn’t trying to lose weight, just lean up a little bit – but, the scale was nice to me this morning. So, that’s always a bonus.  

Danielle D. (Mother of 2)

I loved it [Curry Girls Kitchen 21 Day Cleanse] I’m continuing to eliminate. Thank you for introducing me to this process. It’s a life changer.

Sumei Y.

Sisters with Crohns eliminated all symptoms after doing CGK Cleanse. Both were diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After 30 days of cleansing with CGK eating healing foods and following the CGK lifestyle plan, both were free from all their symptoms: chronic fatigue, severe stomach upsets, irritable bowl, and days unable to work.. Robin had an additional surprise, her inflammatory eyesight corrected itself and she no longer needed eyeglasses!  

Marci B. & Robin W.

Severe debilitating Crohns, weekly expensive medications. Had concerns for going away to college. After completing CGK 21 Day cleanse, she had a complete upper and lower GI test. Doctors shared Shannon’s colon looked “pristine” and “perfect.” There were no visible signs of disease. She completed her first year away at college and had a fantastic year. She went on to complete her 4-year program as a nurse! 

Shannon E. (17 yrs.)

Prostate Cancer in remission! 


Torn stomach lining, ulcerative colitis, excessive partier/drinking. Healed completely from cleansing, diet and new lifestyle changes. “I feel like a Super Star!”

Doug V.

Asthma sufferer and high cholesterol. Off all medications! My cholesterol dropped back down into normal range. Mission accomplished! Thank you, Curry Girls! 

Grettal F.

I had severe joint pain & I hated to cook. It took me 20 years of prodding to come join your [21 day] cleanse resets. It changed my lifestyle and my diet completely! I eat more clean and anti-inflammatory foods.  I am pain free and loving my kitchen today. So grateful to you Peggy and Megan.

Linda S.

Thanks for introducing me to clean eating and offering your cleanse workshops. I have been using the information from the workshops like a bible! I feel really great! I want to keep on going!

Lisa C.

Amazing results!! Curry Girls make it so easy and wonderful! If I can do this- anyone can.

Amy H.

Since I have found the CGK’s [21 Day] Cleanse Program, I feel I have taken 10 years off my looks and body.  I feel great!


I loved how you both educated, introduced and shared practical applications of healthy, clean, delicious, fun food. You both are WONDERFUL and I thoroughly enjoyed the [21 day] cleansing reset experience. Thank you for sharing your education, ideas, passion, yummy food and yourselves!  

Jill A.

The [21 day] Cleanse course did great things for me emotionally and physically. It educated me how to have good healthy eating habits.

Jeff C.

I have definitely reset my commitment to nourish myself and that was really what I had hoped for.

Timmi J.

I look at Peggy and Megan as being aspirational and when I hear them speak of nourishment I always think, “how can I feel that way?” When I started this course, nourishment was my goal because it’s a word that has so many layers to it. I grew up with my mom being a gourmet chef and I felt intimidated. This has been a total heart opening awakening. Thank you so much for this cleansing journey. I am so grateful. I went into the [21 day] course being open minded to how I could break through my stuck energy with being afraid to cook. The smoothies have been life-changing. I feel nourished and I feel like this is something that I will integrate into my life now on. This cleanse has become a life staple. 

Heather A.

I have struggled with sleep for years and I am now feeling like I am sleeping better [after 21 day cleanse]. I am feeling a lot of energy and clarity. I have never done anything related to cooking and food that wasn’t geared to losing weight. It is much more of a focus for me of nourishing myself.


I Signed up for the [21 Day] cleanse course and I highly recommend adding on the one on one personal coaching with Megan. They have been so helpful for me as she helped to streamline everything. 


Today has been a month since I started the cleanse and I feel better and healthier than ever! I have a renewed respect for food. Growing up on a farm then transplanting myself across the country has let me lose some very basic food knowledge. There is no way I would have been able to accomplish this just by reading a book. …without the meals, snack ideas and support from the Curry Girls, I would not have lasted 21 days. Oh the support… I texted Megan every day in the beginning… Eventually my days turned into a strange euphoria and overall happiness every day when I woke up.

Update week after the cleanse had officially ended: I still felt great and basically sticking to my renewed sense of healthy eating with no plans to alter. I am very thankful to the Curry Girls for helping me make this transformation. I just wish I could continue to show up and have a big dinner at their house every Wednesday from now on! Thank you very much Curry Girls Kitchen for changing how I eat, shop and feel!


Hey ladies just wanted to thank you again. I’m 6 weeks in to my 12-week program where I’m doing a modified cleanse. I’ve lost 17 lbs. and 5% body fat in these 6 weeks. I’ve upped my workout a bit but the real credit goes to my diet and specifically the shakes and meals I’ve learned from you two! My goal is another 17 pounds and another 5% of body fat. #currygirlskitchenfalife 🙂  


Private Clients

Where do I begin? If it wasn’t for Megan’s gracious heart then we would have never connected. Megan is living out her purpose right now in life. Megan’s ability to listen to people and say exactly what needs to be said is profound. Megan is a professional supporter. When we finished our calls, I felt empowered. I felt focused and driven. I felt ready to accomplish all the goals we had spoken about.  Thank you again for everything you’ve done. You’ve done far more than you probably even realize in my life and in other people’s lives you have touched. Thank you. 


Feeling blessed and overjoyed with my son who now is trying new foods and enjoying sharing in family dinners.

Sarah C. (Mother of 2, one child with autism and strong disordered eating behaviors)

I learned how to feed my family way differently after my private in-home kitchen clean-out. I learned methods, organizational tools and recipes her family now loves. I am grateful for the new way of cooking, feeding my family, and eating dinner together. Success! 

Allie B (Mother of 3 boys)

I Signed up for the [21 Day] cleanse course and I highly recommend adding on the one on one personal coaching with Megan. They have been so helpful for me as she helped to streamline everything. 


Returned from a deployment in Afghanistan decimated from a virus that the military doctors did not detect and misdiagnosed as a “chronic disease.” Peggy’s intuition helped Sebastian recover. At his low he weighed 135 and his life was in great danger. Working with Peggy and her diet recommendations, Sebastian regained his health. Today he’s a healthy 165-pound fighter pilot for the US Air force and back flying his F-16.

Sebastian H., Florida (an Air Force Jet Fighter Pilot)

A mother of 2 diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma 1997: Peg began helping Estelle, her close colleague and teacher friend with her family’s meal prep and cooking. After a few months, she completed her treatments. Estelle started to learn Peggy’s kitchen methods for organizing her meals. It was Estelle who recommended that she start a business helping other parents! The rest is history.


I was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 breast cancer with less than 5-year life expectancy. I was 39 years old with an 18-month-old son and a wonderful husband. I decided that, in addition to the medical treatment, I needed to gain control through diet and exercise. Peggy came highly recommended from numerous friends to assist in improving my diet. Peggy accomplished this and so much more. After 3 months I received news of a partial remission of the cancer. I can’t thank Peggy enough for lifting my spirits and making me feel better everyday!

Update 2016: While I thought that I had been eating healthy, Peggy opened my eyes to not only the things that I should avoid, but also gave me practical ways to eat better every day while still having tasty meals! Peggy cleaned out my entire kitchen, restocked the pantry with high-quality food, gave me the tools and recipes to make high-quality nutrient rich meals for my husband and my 17-month old baby boy. Today my son is 15. He and his brother have a thriving mom. No surgeries in the past 5 years, the cancer remains stable and life has been very good. I’ve changed my entire lifestyle and gathered a team that helps me every step of the way.

Update 2019: So much emotion hitting this week as the baby I was begging to be able to walk to kindergarten graduated from 8th grade yesterday! Only 8th grade, but a big deal for me! I still think of you Peggy as I shop, cook and talk about pouring love into our food and bodies. You are always a bright shining light when I see you and you were truly part of my core team helping me get to today! I am more than grateful for you! 


Thank you Peggy for helping me to be a better mom and enlightened individual. The notion that we have to take care of and nourish ourselves before we’re able to be most beneficial to our families really hit home with me! Since becoming a mom this is not something I’ve done. After both of my girls were born my excited energy was so focused on them that I lost sight of my own well-being. After this baby, I’ll be more mindful of how much more I can be to all of them, by taking care of me too!


My son, a Manhattan Beach kid, is now an Air Force Jet Fighter Pilot. He returned home from a deployment in Afghanistan decimated from a virus that went misdiagnosed as a “chronic disease”. His weight on the first day of his deployment was 180 lbs. When he arrived home it was 134 lbs. Copious amounts of antibiotics exacerbated his deteriorating physical state; he was bleeding out and a week away from potential organ shut down. We, as his parents, prayed hard that Peggy would be our pillar of knowledge and support in what would be an extraordinary journey to our son’s healing.

Peggy would send me recipes, text me words of encouragement, and I will never forget, hang on the phone with me as I walked the aisles of the grocery store in Destin Florida, telling me what to purchase! I loved those times as in this process.

Sebastian is now 165 lbs., back at work and one small step away from getting back into his favorite place, the cockpit of his F-16. He is still eating his Bone Broth, making those Kefir Smoothies, and feeling thankful that the Curry Girls lead him back to a healthy and whole life.


In honor of Valentine’s Day …Thank you Peggy & Megan for teaching me a new way to LOVE food. I never understood that food can really love you. I always thought it was a one-way relationship – either you eat yummy food or you eat clean food but you can’t have both. Now I know that you can be in LOVE with both – Yummy & Clean. Even better, Peggy has shown me and given me the tools to share the LOVE with my family and friends. In just 1 month, this has had a lovely impact on life. My husband and I are slowly shrugging off our mid-40 something malaise and weight. We’re all sleeping better. When 20 kids went home sick from school in January – it wasn’t mine. My youngest attention span is improving. His Cs are becoming Bs and even A’s. And the kicker is we’re just beginning to fall in LOVE with Clean & Yummy. Happy Valentine’s Day Curry Girls!  

Sonia, 2014 (Mom of 3)

My girl was feeling really lethargic and decided to see a nutritionist, who in turn referred her to Peggy. 

What can I say?  I never thought I’d say this but I really love eating healthy. Guys, don’t think for a minute that you are going to give up good food by working with Peggy. It ain’t gonna happen. The only things you’ll give up are expensive dining bills and all weight you gain there.

Now I was skeptical when Peggy cleaned out our entire kitchen. I thought we were doomed. My girl had never cooked much, and now she’s going to make three meals a day?  What were we going to eat? This is nuts! Gimme back my Eggos!

But I stood by my partner’s need for change. Peggy supported her with hands-on shopping and cooking lessons that were the inspiration she needed to commit. This has led to so many wonderful meals together that I now can’t wait to get home to eat. I’ve also lost nearly ten pounds without leaving the couch. The food’s amazing and full of love, and believe me, I’m pretty adverse to statements like that. To top it all off, I think it’s the food that’s got us planning to get married soon. Peggy, what have you done to me!?! How’s that for life-changing! Now go to make an appointment.

Greg, Cynthia’s wonderful partner

Cooking Classes and Group Gatherings

Dr. Anne’s Christmas present to the Beach Teeth Staff: “We all had SO much fun and learned so much! Thank for the best team building evening ever!”

Private Office Party

I want to thank you for your commitment to not only teaching us how to cook a healthier and more diverse menu, but also sharing the importance of cooking with love in your heart and hands rather than with the old “what are we having for dinner tonight” dread.

Kelly B. (Mom of 3)

As you both know, Rob and I have been conscious of a healthier diet. But I will admit that I wasn’t fully aware of the importance of organic foods. It has been through your guidance that I have gently been reminded that organic, will lead to a healthier body. I can attest that your genuine concern and love of family and friends pours out through your teaching methods of pure health through the proper preparation of foods. I feel you teach people at every level of understanding how to have a healthier diet. Your desire to help people understand how important food is to their family is expressed in every class. The menus have been wonderfully diverse and easily replicated at home. Thank you for opening my eyes to new tastes and foods! You making learning so fun.

Peggy has totally changed my life and the lives of my family. Thanks so much for everything… I’m having more fun in my kitchen than I ever have. I can’t wait to learn more…more…more…” The classes have been educational, not to mention delicious. Each of the eight classes I took were done in an atmosphere of love and support.  My whole approach to shopping and cooking has become much more fun and creative instead of routine. My family appreciates the love that goes into each new meal I prepare. For the first time in my life, I appreciate food as a blessing and not just something you put in your body to sustain you. Everyone should experience Peggy’s wonderful spirits. You are missing out if you don’t.

Maureen (Mom of 2)

Peggy’s classes are so warm and heartfelt. It is not just about a recipe, but the process you go through to develop the dish. The food is so tasteful and the classes are such an experience. You walk away with so much (e.g. samples, recipes, food lists, enthusiasm, ideas, etc.). Thank you, Peggy!

Kelly W.

Peggy, Thank you for the class last night! I tell you, I miss your cooking classes!  You know, I think you are wonderful and you do so much more than educate me in feeding my family, you feed my soul.  I come away from every class with my heart full of love, goodness and peace.  Thank you for teaching.


Thank you for including me on your cooking class list!  And thank you for touching so many people with all of your love, positive energy and knowledge.  We all benefit from having you in our community and in our lives. 


How to Go Gluten Free Course

When I first learned that Curry Girls Kitchen held regular cooking classes, I thought I should attend one to get me back in the habit of actually ‘cooking.’ I was already knowledgeable about cooking and enjoyed feeding my family, but with a career, husband and 4 kids we were usually eating on the go and in a bit of a rut with restaurant eating.  I also cringed when my daughter would imitate me in her play kitchen by pretending to turn on a microwave. Peggy’s teachings inspired me in ways I could not have imagined. Thanks to your classes, our family now prioritizes eating together at mealtime.  I actually use my oven several times a day now!  I strive to give myself, my kids and husband the healthiest snacks and meals possible. We have stopped constantly eating at restaurants and we now enjoy our home much more.  My kids beg for salads and pesto and whole grains. In fact, we remodeled our entire kitchen so that my three kids could have a countertop where they could sit opposite my husband or I during meal prep. Instead of picking up a new recipe or two, I allowed the philosophies of Curry Girls Kitchen to permeate our household with healthful, old-fashioned family meals and the art of cooking. When I am 100 years old I will always be grateful to Curry Girls Kitchen for reminding a mother of 4 kids to reinstate the family mealtime and how to do it right.

Jennifer, J.D. (Mom of 4)

After I had my third daughter, I could not return to work because I had health issues which took time to resolve. After 2 surgeries, I realized that if I was going to stay home I had to learn how to cook.  Peggy came in to my home helped me organize my pantries and taught me not only how to cook and shop, but also  how to make healthy food choices.  What a blessing!

I have learned to enjoy cooking and to try different foods.  My husband and our children have truly enjoyed trying out new recipes.  I have learned to plan our family menu and include the kids in the cooking process.  As a result of our new healthy choices, my husband’s cholesterol level dropped and then I thought I might try to go off of my meds (gradually) for allergies and asthma to see if the food I ate and how I prepared it would make a difference.  

Today, I have been off my medication for over 3 years and have not had an asthma problem since.  My allergies are not nearly as bad as they had been.  My cholesterol level has dropped – I never really had it high, but it dropped.  I have introduced Peggy and Kitchen Blessings to many friends and when the school district adopted the Growing Great Nutrition Program, I immediately signed up to be a docent at our school.

Grettal, CPA (Mom of 4)

The KIND Method

Diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Peg began helping Estelle, her close colleague and teacher friend and her family with meals. After a few months, and she completed her treatments, Estelle started to learn Peggy’s kitchen methods for organizing her meals. It was Estelle who recommended that she start a business helping other parents learn about her KIND Method for kitchen organization and meal prep! The rest is history.

Estelle (Mom of 2)
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