Cheesy Smashed Baby Potatoes with Pesto Drizzle

Calling all potato lovers! You will LOVE this easy to make delicious recipe. I made and served them with seared veggies and ate it as my main dinner. These smashed potatoes have gone viral on Instagram for good reason! They are so darn good you literally cannot stop eating them! It happened to me recently. I hardly ever eat white potatoes…I’m all about those sweet potatoes! However, when I was cooking them for a green veggies Insta LIVE I did recently, these buttery crispy smashed potatoes were truly hard to stop popping them in my mouth! LOL! You can use any baby potatoes you’d like but yukon gold potatoes and baby red potatoes are great choices!

Potatoes for some people can cause an inflammatory response because they are part of the Night Shade vegetable family. We are big believer to know if a food causes you a problem. Inflammation can show up as a symptom of either skin rash or hives, headache or joint pain. These are a few of many ways night shades can show up for people unknowingly! One of the great ways to know if foods affect you adversely, try doing our Cleanse with Food Reset to really know which foods work best in your body. We have a 3-Day freebie or a 7-Day reset for you to try. 

Now let’s get to WHY these golden brown potatoes are so darn delicious and make for a great side dish! First you want to make sure you use plenty of good fats. I choose to use both a cold pressed organic olive oil and season and goat butter. Feel free to use whatever fats you like. Heck butter or an alternative butter works great too! Then as you press down to smash them, garlic powder, salt and pepper and sprinkle them with pecorino cheese and let them crisp up! Do not rush this part! The crispy edge is what is so hard to stop eating them and the cooking time is so quick! The buttery goodness with the drizzle of pest, mmmmmmm is it mouthwatering delicious! 

Comment below if you’ll make these 💛 xo Megs & Pegs

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