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Last week we started our 3 week Workshop for the “Clean” program by Dr. Alejandro Junger. We have two enthusiastic groups of students. However, not everyone is following the protocol in the same way. Some are taking the cleanse on full throttle, some modified the program, and some are simply being curious and “digesting” the idea of cleansing. We love the individuality as it makes for great discussions. It definitely takes a mindset and discipline to really want to complete a cleanse from start to finish. I look at it like a marathon, you train hard, and then once you’ve completed the actual run, when it’s all over, you feel great with your accomplishment.

“Cleansing” isn’t for everyone, but what Megan and I found after completing the program ourselves in the Fall, was how easy Dr. Junger’s program was to follow. We loved it so much, we felt it worth sharing! Just following his elimination protocol brings great benefit. Megan and I are doing the elimination part along with our class. I cant tell how much lighter I feel already after our “fun” food fest these past holidays!

While on the cleanse you eat 2 liquid meals, one at breakfast and one at dinner. Then at lunch you have a regular “clean” meal. We call that “Linner”. Check out some of the wonderful “Linners” we’ve prepared with our students so far. One doesn’t have to be on the “Clean Program” to enjoy these delicious meals.

Seared Salmon

1 lb center cut salmon

1/2 lemon

Freshly minced garlic or garlic powder

Fresh or dried dill

Freshly ground pepper

1-2 Tbl. Coconut oil


Heat skillet on medium high heat.  While pan is heating, rinse fish and pat dry.  Squeeze fresh lemon over the top, baste with fresh minced garlic or shakes of garlic powder, sprinkle with dried dill and fresh ground pepper.  Once pan is hot, add coconut oil, and place fish skin side down.  It should sizzle if pan is hot enough.  Cover fish and cook for 5 minutes.  Sides will start to turn light orange. Carefully flip salmon, and cook another 5 minutes, UNcovered.  Turn fish one last time and check for doneness.  Fish should feel firm to the touch.  Let rest covered for a few minutes until ready to serve.  Salmon is best when not overcooked, flaky yet cooked through.  To check, use a fork and flake open the center, fish should be the same shade of orange throughout, lighter from it’s original dark orange color.

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