Healing Chronic Inflammation

Can inflammation be the root cause of your chronic symptoms?

Is there a connection between inflammation and autoimmune? YES!

Are there ways to reduce chronic inflammation that can cause autoimmune? YES!

Is it possible to heal both inflammation and reduce risks for autoimmune? Heck YES!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by chronic symptoms, and you can’t seem to get the answers or help you need? Ever wonder WHY you feel so tired most days or have nagging pain, stiffness, gas, and bloating that won’t go away? 

Doctors prescribe medication for your heartburn, acid reflux, autoimmune disorder, psoriasis, well, most everything… and yet, you still feel crappy and frustrated.  

We hear you!  We want YOU to FEEL better. We’ve been there and THERE IS A WAY. 

It could be you have chronic inflammation.

Science has now proven that chronic, low-grade chronic inflammation is at the root to all disease. Chronic systemic inflammation is the root cause of autoimmune and many chronic conditions. In fact, research is saying chronic inflammation is the leading cause of most degenerative diseases: cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune; Crohns, Lupus, Hashimotos, MS, RA and more.

Here’s the BIG PICTURE: 

Inflammation is important for our body in many ways: when we get cut or hurt, it sends the signal for immune cells to go and repair the injury. It can also signal gut feelings, (aka as your intuition), “hey don’t do that, or don’t go there”. Inflammation is here to protect us. However, when inflammation triggers our immune system too often, and is on constant high alert, this is the beginning of autoimmune.

What is Autoimmune?

Our immune system is on overdrive, AND no longer knows who the good guys are from the bad guys. In other words, our immune warriors can’t tell the difference between normal good cells from potential bad cells, causing the warriors to mistakenly attack even normal cells. It becomes an all-out war against all cells.  This is Autoimmune.

More of the PROBLEM. 

Stress causes inflammation. Stress for brief periods of time isn’t harmful, however when our stress happens for long periods of time, it starts to impact our nervous system and other parts of our body. For some people it affects their digestive system, irritable bowl or diarrhea. For some its sleep, insomnia. For me it was my heart! I got so stressed, I had to wear a heart monitor recently from stress! It was my wake-up call.

What I want to focus on mainly is the ongoing stressors that most people aren’t even aware of. These forms of stress sometimes get pushed aside, ignored or go undetected. For example, the food we eat can be a stressor for some people, such as an allergen or intolerance. There are also toxins we unknowingly breathe or ingest. I share more about stressors below. 

Besides emotional stress, there are other stressors that can cause inflammation in our body

It can be frustrating working with western medical doctors who only learn to give medications for symptoms, instead of searching for the root cause of many unresolved conditions. For many the medications can also be stressors to our body. 

Then you get to the point of utter frustration, like I did after 17 years living on the hamster wheel of dead ends and no answers. I eventually took control of our family’s health. 

When we don’t pay attention and listen to our body’s signals or our intuition and take charge of our health and our body, bigger problems can develop. We must empower ourselves to ask questions, seek advice and not give up. I am grateful today that I did not give up, because I believe it saved our family’s health. 

It all begins with learning what our personal stressors are. There are many kinds of stressors that cause inflammation in our body. What we eat, drink, breathe and do in our every day life.  

What does all this mean? What is chronic systemic inflammation?

When we’ve ignored our body’s signals for far too long, we’ve been told it’s in our head and that it, whatever the symptom is, is normal and it will go away as we grow up.  This is not true.  This is how chronic systemic inflammation happens. Our immune system is constantly on high alert and ready to defend the body, or already is attacking healthy cells and tissue. 

Take a good honest look at how you live your life. Pay close attention to your child’s complaints. Look at what you eat, how it makes you feel and your lifestyle choices. Some things we do and eat can cause inflammation. 

Chronic inflammation can be caused by the following stressors.

  • FOOD: Eating inflammatory foods and beverages: gluten, dairy, red meat, sugar, night shades, soy, corn, tree nuts, shellfish, coffee, sodas.
  • Gut Health: leaky gut, parasites, overgrowth of bad bacteria, candida
  • Eating highly processed, fried foods, or rancid/toxic vegetable oils
  • Weight, too low or too high 
  • Environmental industrial toxins, pollution, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO 
  • Pathogens (virus, bacteria, parasites)
  • Excessive or daily alcoholic beverages 
  • Hormonal imbalance/ Emotionally Stressed-out
  • Constant state of fight or flight. (anxiety and overwhelm)
  • Exposure to the plethora of chemicals and environmental toxins (household cleaning agents and gardening weed killers)
  • Insomnia, unrestful, limited sleep (circadian rhythms are off)
  • All work no play. Not taking time for yourself. Great book for young moms TAKE TWO…
  • Excessive strenuous daily workouts. We think we are doing our body good, but it’s too much and too hard. 
  • Medications (over use of antibiotics)
  • Preexisting or undiagnosed autoimmune condition (Hashimotos, lupus, Crohns MS)
  • Untreated bacterial infection or injury

When we do things in excess, such as exercise, stay up too late, over work or drink alcohol, and hope it calms us down or helps our stress, it can instead ramped up an inflammatory response. 

What happens from all this? 

Symptoms can persist and can cause autoimmune.

What are some common signs of inflammation or an autoimmune response. 

  • Poor digestion: bloating, stomachaches, gassiness, IBS, diarrhea 
  • Fatigue, Insomnia
  • Joint + muscle pain, arthritis, muscle tension or stiffness, back pain 
  • Skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, adult acne, systemic acne 
  • Chronic sinus congestion and infections, ear infections 
  • Headaches, migraines, brain fog, balance issues 
  • Hormonal imbalance, PMS, thyroid issues, Infertility
  • Insulin resistance, high blood sugar 
  • Lymph node swelling
  • Behavioral problems, ADHD

What our body’s need is to recharge, reboot, rebalance and Reset!

Here’s the GREAT NEWS! 

You can stop inflammation even reverse autoimmune. Yes! We’ve seen it over and over again. By eating an anti-inflammatory diet combined with lifestyle methods that promote balance, you can send your autoimmune into remission! 

WE WANT TO PREVENT DISEASE. I am on a personal mission to help people take stock of their health and their body.

A Few Amazing Stories.

There are many people I’ve worked with over the last 25 years who have turned their autoimmune around, even their terminal illness.  They are living WAY PAST their 6-month prognosis window. Because, they all did one thing in common, changed their diet and lifestyle. They soon realized that the food and lifestyle was causing inflammation and dis-ease in their bodies. They detoxed and fueled their body with food to promote healing. They reset their lives.

***Detoxing your body (with food) from all the excess, as I mentioned above, is important to rebalance your body and all its systems. Specifically, to strengthen your immune and digestive systems, improve gut health, calm and nourish your nervous system, remove chronic system inflammation and help the body survive and function at its best.   

I’ve had the good fortune to help many people reverse and put their autoimmune into remission: Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis Hashimotos and more.  I myself had ulcerative colitis at a young age. I am blessed to be in full remission. Today my gastroenterologist can’t believe I ever had it, because there are no signs or scarring in my colon! 

People with life threatening diseases live WITH disease. They are alive today because of the great measures they took to support their bodies. Take Kris Carr, diagnosed with stage 4 liver and lung cancer. This year she celebrates her 20 years of living! I celebrate her amazing life and what she has gone on to share with the world. How she took full responsibility along with the one doctor brave enough to take her on and treat her! For most people it’s called a miracle. But is it? I look at it differently. She went beyond and defied her prognosis and now shares her experiences with the world. 

My client Joan was given 6 months to live.  She too was in her 30’s, married and had a 17-month old son at the time. She too defied her terminal prognosis from breast cancer. I was blessed to be part of her team and assist Joan in her recovery and remission along with her team of oncologists and professionals.  She is reaching her 17-year mark! 

Amazing success! Both women defied what were described as incurable diseases. Today, they live with their diseases, supporting their bodies and living full lives! There are so many more people who have gone on to experience this same phenomenon. 

Nutrition and food must be a part of one’s healing journey. It’s not the fault of Western medicine, they are not taught nutrition in medical school. They are taught to treat symptoms with drugs. Thankfully there are some amazing doctors out there who’ve taken the next steps and gone on to get degrees in functional and integrative medicines. We applaud them. They are the hope! We just need to make it more assessable and affordable!

My most recent success story; a young client, under 30, suffered from his on and off again Crohn’s flares. Painful and debilitating, he suffered since being diagnosed as a young child. He shared that never in all the years of his doctor visits growing up did the doctors mention diet or that his disease could be treated from eating gluten free. They said the only way to help manage his pain was with drugs. Today Zack is in remission symptom and pain free. Zack shares.

WHY do I share this? 

BECAUSE as a mom of 4 kids, all of us having had different chronic symptoms, exhausted me. I feel there are many families out there with undiagnosed chronic symptoms suffering. Yet not many doctors ever test for food related allergens or intolerances. It took me 17 years before I found our answer. It wasn’t my doctors, but my Celiac clients who told me to get tested for a potential gluten issue! That is when I figured it out. I DON’T want this for you or your family.  THERE IS A WAY.  

In the last ten years I’ve watched over and over again students in our Reset Program, even their kids who have suffered for way too long, have had transformational success.  The parents were tired, confused and wanted desperately to FEEL BETTER, feel normal, have energy, and live a good life! AND they are!

Karen another Crohn’s client was really feeling hopeless about her health and Crohns. We worked together and her life changed. Today she’s pain and symptom-free living a gluten free lifestyle. Her Crohns is in remission.


Food and what we put into and onto our bodies is the biggest part of our health puzzle, especially when it comes to mystery chronic symptoms, inflammation and autoimmune. Diet is the first step in our healing. There might be other underlying health conditions, however if you start here with food, learn about the foods that work in your body, you will see immediate results. Our Reset program is our first step when working with our clients.

You CAN take charge of your health, chronic conditions and reduce inflammation.

We’ve been teaching our cleansing with food Reset now for over 10 years. It never ceases to amaze us the transforming results our students and clients have.

Our Reset program teaches you: 

  • A gentle approach to detoxifying your body, it’s organs and systems to help reduce chronic inflammation and allow your body to rebalance and recalibrate homeostasis.
  • How to implement and cook with anti-inflammatory foods in the most delicious way!  Even your family will enjoy it! 
  • How to eliminate potential environmental toxins.
  • How to reduce stress through tapping, meditation, journaling, and relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to reintroduce potential inflammatory foods to gain a full understanding of which foods, (and some are really good foods), just don’t work in your body and can cause inflammation. 

ARE you ready to level up your life? Have you or a loved one been suffering far too long from chronic inflammation and symptoms? Are you completely exhausted and overwhelmed?  Let’s put autoimmune into remission! Sign up now for a complementary discovery call with Peggy. 

Knowledge is power. Our goal at Curry Girls Kitchen is to empower you on your health journey. There is so much information out there, and knowing how to apply the knowledge can be overwhelming. Through our individualized coaching programs and our cleansing with food Resets you’ll discover your personal super foods, the foods that work best in your body and eliminate inflammatory responses.  Knowing these foods is the ultimate health hack giving you back your life and creating what we call true optimal health.

Below are some of our client’s favorite vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten free, dairy free meals! 

We are helping our clients take the leap in making their lives delicious every day and live symptom free from reducing inflammation and putting their autoimmune into remission. We love seeing them thrive! 

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