Melon Salad


We were inspired by Ingrid’s (aka. Miss Glamorazzi)  Quick & Healthy Summer Recipes Watermelon Salad! In her most recent #HungryHealthyHappy episode, she put together the prefect summer salad using THE summer fruit ~ watermelons!! Since there are no watermelons yet at our farmers market, we decided to use one of the insanely sweet cantaloupe varieties that are currently in season 🙂

Melon Salad


¼ C lime juice

3-5 mint leaves

1 cantaloupe, honeydew, casaba, guava melon or a combo

1/2  onion, sliced and caramelized

¼ C pine nuts, toasted

¼ C feta



Slice onions and cook down in one tablespoon of olive oil until caramelized. Toast pine nuts in a dry pan with a pinch of salt until browned.

In magic bullet or food processor, blend lime juice and mint leaves. Cube cantaloupe and put in serving bowl or plate. Drizzle lime and mint dressing over melon. Crumble feta on top, and then sprinkle caramelized onions and pine nuts to finish.

It is great for a beginning of summer BBQ!  The sweetness from the melon and caramelized onions is perfectly balanced with the tang of the lime dressing and feta. Enjoy!!

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