Banana Smoothie

Banana Milk Mango Spinach Smoothie! 

Banana milk mango spinach Smoothie came about when I simply wanted an alternative to alternative nut milks. You see even though nuts are great for us, in large quantities they are not. I will share more why I think this below. The biggest contributor to why nuts has become a problem is when people simply eat too many nuts and seeds all day long in a variety of ways. Too much of a good thing. Most people don’t rotate our foods enough to reap the rewards from the many other essential nutrients available in whole foods.  I too realized when it came to using the same nut milk daily for my smoothies.  I was looking at my local store to see what options there were to rotate my alternative nut milks. And there she was, Banana Milk staring at me… And I said, OK and put her in my cart! 

Most of us eat the same foods over and over again. It’s easy, quick and one doesn’t have to plan or think about what to eat. I understand the simplicity of eating this way. However, we don’t get all our nutrients when we don’t rotate our foods. By rotating foods such as; vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, proteins of choice, fats, and carbs, this allows our body to get all the essential nutrients from a well-rounded rainbow of foods.

I add at least a half of banana every day into my smoothies. I love them. They are a comfort food. When they are over ripe I like to bake with them. Green bananas have different benefits then overripe ones. They have a resistant starch which has a prebiotic affect and is good for feeding  the good bacteria in our gut and helps our digestion!  Bananas overall are a healthy food fiber rich and filled with all the good for us essential vitamins and minerals our body craves! 

I have a vague memory that I tried Banana Milk from Moola when they first came out with this product. For whatever reason, I didn’t continue using it.  I’m not sure why I stopped, however I liked what I read on their label enough to purchase it. It had all the appropriate buzz words that I like; organic, no added sugars, non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free, carrageenan free, soy free… It’s another plant-based dairy free option w/o all the additives I choose NOT to put into my body… It has minimal ingredients like filtered water, organic bananas, sunflowers seeds and cinnamon. The only question with the banana milk is the additive gellan gum that comes in second to last. It’s primarily a gelling agent and stabilizer. I will add banana milk into my rotation and see how my body works with it. 

What Moola’s banana milk offered me here in Colorado, was another option. The natural grocery store I shop at doesn’t have a plethora of alternative milk options…And for that matter not even Whole Foods Markets have their once multitude of alternative milk options.  Why not? NOW manufacturers have to buy shelf space and it’s a huge expense for our little mom and pop food manufacturers! One of the many reasons I have a hard time shopping at Whole Foods Market/Amazon today. We don’t get the mom and pop great companies from the years ago when I was a food manufacturer.  

Have you noticed the new kid on the block, OAT MILK ? It came in with a bbang and took over the alternative milk shelves! I couldn’t find my Hemp milk or Hazelnut milk to buy! So now, I order it online or go to another grocery store who carries the brands I prefer. The price I pay to get what I want. I’m not mad, just sad for those great brands who lost out on the shelf… That makes me sad also because of the quality and variety isn’t the same any more either. 

For many people it feels like there’s a lot of foods on my “no list”. Mostly because so many products contain all the ones I just mentioned above and I choose to eat for benefit! Eating for Benefit means I take high regard for the food I put into my body. I am constantly healing my autoimmune so therefore I’m careful as to what I put into my body. After doing our 20-Day Cleansing with Food Reset for 12 years a few times a year, I know exactly which foods work in my body, those foods that I eat on occasion and those that don’t work at all.  

There are plenty of whole close to the source minimally processed food products that naturally do not contain all those additives. It’s actually quite easy to live without them altogether! AND still eat nutrient dense tasty foods! I’m on a mission to bring you the highest quality food sources possible. Am I perfect, NO. Do I strive to be perfect, NO. I’m as far from perfect as one might imagine. What I do strive for in my daily life is to wake up feeling happy, excited for my day, energized, fueling my body with top #10 or close to it, food sources that give me the energy to do all the things I hope to accomplish in my day! It’s what I want for YOU! 

So why nuts are a silent problem for many people, especially as you age. Nuts have become a go to food. The problem is people latch onto a “health food” and simply eat too many nuts and seeds all day long in a variety of ways. Nuts are hard to digest. When eaten in excess, that means that baggie full you eat all day as a snack or in between meals, or drinking almond milk, almond creamer, almond butter, almond buttery spread, almond smoothie, almonds in the salad, or baking with almonds… THAT’S A LOT of almonds for our liver and gallbladder to digest in one day! AND MOST people haven’t a clue what’s destroying their gall bladder or causeing gall bladder attacks! Then the surgeion says, lets take it out! NO THANK YOU. Clients continue to tell me, “but I eat a healthy diet”. Yes, you do, in EXCESS… By rotating your foods, you will preserve your gallbladder, an important component to a healthy body and life. I work hard to keep mine inside my body! 

I made this Banana Milk Mango Spinach Smoothie this week as part of my restocking my pantry here in Colorado. It was truly delicious! We have a plethora of smoothies for you to try. Some of the favorites that banana milk will go well with our Chocolate Smoothie, Caramel Banana or Dragon Fruit Smoothie… And there’s plenty more when you type in “smoothie” in the search bar!  

I hope when you make this Banana Milk Mango Smoothie you will share a photo and comment below. We love hearing your thoughts and feedback. 

It’s A Winner!

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Banana Smoothie

Banana Milk Mango Spinach Smoothie!

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Banana milk mango spinach Smoothie came about when I simply wanted an alternative to alternative nut milks. You see even though nuts are great for us, in large quantities they are not. 

  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x



1 c banana milk

1 c spinach

1 C frozen or fresh mango

1 Tbsp. MCT oil

1Tbsp. Coconut yogurt 

1 tsp. Cinnamon

1 healing tsp. Matcha

1 Tbsp. Tocos Rice bran

1 date, pitted?

1 Tbsp. Whole flaxseeds

23 Tbsp hempseeds to garnish


  1. Blend all ingredients together and Enjoy!
  • Author: Peggy Curry
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes

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