Is Going Gluten Free for Everyone?

Peg’s asks this question because she’s asked often, “Is going gluten free for everyone?” And by going gluten free will it make me healthier?

Pegs opinion might surprise you!

Adhering to a gluten free diet is paramount IF you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Answering the question, and knowing if you have a digestive disorder, “will eating  gluten free be beneficial for my health and well-being? This answer is 1000% yes! Will it make you healthy, that depends on the quality of the foods you choose to eat. Learn which gluten free grains and foods you can eat and ones you can not.

Can I cheat and eat just a little gluten? The short and long answer is, no. I share in this blog post explaining the difference between being diagnosed gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant and Celiac.

Would everyone on the planet benefit from going gluten free?

That answer is…NOT necessarily. Hear me out. If you have NOT been diagnosed with either gluten intolerance,  gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease, and truly have no chronic symptoms, your parents lived long and healthy lives or they’re still alive and healthy without disease or chronic symptoms, then my answer remains. NOT everyone on this planet has to live a gluten free lifestyle or eat gluten free.

However, if you are experiencing even the slightest of chronic symptoms, you remember the stomach problems as a child, or say, “oh I’ve had headaches my entire life, I’ve lived with joint pain and my doctor tells me to take an Advil daily. Admit to always having had; psoriasis, sinus issues, stomach pain, acid reflux, IBS, diarrhea  or bloating after eating. Maybe you’re experiencing infertility or low libido. I’m here to shout from the roof tops, NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL. How do I know? Because I’ve seen the magical healing powers food has at removing all chronic symptoms and problems I’ve listed above!

Today there is such a disconnect between what we eat and our body. Our body has 7 main systems that when running in sync with each other, performs like a perfectly timed clock. It’s amazing how incredible our body works when given the right food. The body responds in days, yes, you heard me correctly, days to start course correcting once it has been given the right fuel it needs to heal, do its jobs, and also help us think, feel and have the energy to move every day.

Let’s break this idea down a little bit more…

What are the systems in our body that work together to help us function ? How often do we connect the dots?  If even one of these systems are out of sync and not functioning properly, WE DON’T FUNCTION properly.  

  1. Digestive system (includes elimination + hydration)
  2. Circulatory/Cardiovascular/Respiratory systems (blood, heart, arteries, lungs, oxygen)
  3. Endocrine (hormones)
  4. Nervous System (brain, nerves, senses, anxiety, panic attacks)
  5. Immune system + lymphatic system
  6. Skeletal + muscular systems (hormones are in here too!)
  7. Reproductive (reproductive organs, fertility)

When one system is out of whack, a domino affect happens. If the gut can’t speak to the brain, the brain stops functioning properly, digestion is off and we don’t eliminate daily (hint a sign something is off if you don’t eliminate at least once a day). We are not able to assimilate our nutrients and brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, lack of drive and motivation happens. Your body hasn’t the proper fuel to help it heal and run efficiently. Systems start to breakdown. I call this the beginning of the “layering affect”.  For instance, you’re having trouble digesting your food, your hair starts to fall out, you can’t sleep and you are an emotional rollercoaster. The smallest things upset you. You are so anxious and overwhelmed you can’t get anything done.  You are completely out of balance.

Layering happens…

When the doctors can’t find anything wrong, yet you keep getting sicker and more symptoms appear. Western medical doctors are trained to treat the symptoms with medicine. Instead of diving deeper into finding the root cause of what started it all in the first place.

The first step in discovering a root to your chronic symptoms is to look at WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO and ONTO your body. Food and all the artificial additives and ingredients, chemicals from farming methods all have a profound detrimental effect on our bodies. Knowing what foods are high quality, and eating them are also important for our overall health.

What’s even crazier is, everyone’s symptoms are different. BECAUSE, everyone IS different. Each of us reacts differently to different foods. What one person can eat, another may not. No two people are alike.

Take my family for example. My husband had extreme debilitating migraines. Nothing helped relieve them from the time he was 12 years old to his mid 50’s. It was painful and awful. I had extreme panic disorder, then agoraphobia between 19-28 years of age. I couldn’t walk out of my front door and down the street without someone with me. Our daughters all had different symptoms from anxiety, vomiting, chronic ear infections to extreme behavioral and mood swings.

So, if you, or someone you know and love, is having any symptoms I’ve mentioned, I’m here to share, food is your first place to start. Figure out which foods work in your body and what foods don’t.

What happens, if you don’t look at the food first? I saw in my parents as they aged. My Mom was always bloated, gassy, and had numerous aches and pains. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 60. No one in her family had it. After 11 years, she passed away. My father had cancer and heart disease. He had joint pain, anxiety and other ailments. He too died from cancer. No doctor back then discussed diet.

I share this with you, because I AM on a mission to crack open this conversation that food is synonymous with health and healing. IT plays a huge roll in TRUE HEALTH.

I shared with our kids this truth… once we were all diagnosed gluten intolerant, (they were pre-teens and teenagers), once you’ve been diagnosed we have a 70% increased risk of developing a degenerative disease, ( cancer, heart disease, diabetes…) THAT is the layering I talked about above.

Our bodies will continues to fight and give us more problems, until we do pay attention. Dis-ease happens. We play Russian Roulette when you don’t adhere to a gluten free lifestyle after being diagnosed.

SO, the bottom line is…

If you are 100 % sure you do not have any underlying conditions or symptoms, or have not been diagnosed gluten intolerant, then have at it! Eat your gluten full whole grains and a diet rich with whole foods. Cook more, eat out less. AND really pay attention to how you feel after you eat. Our body’s can change over time and as we age. Look to the food you eat.

The best way we know that has worked miracles for so many of our clients,  is to do our self-guided Curry Girls Cleansing with Food anti-inflammatory 21-Day Reset. Get support and have us coach you 1-on-1 for the most bang for your buck.  It’s nothing short of life changing to know WHICH foods are your personal superfoods and the how the benefits of detoxing are greats ways to help you heal.

Our most recent client was blown away after 1 week starting his Coaching program and Detox Reset. 

Zack removed gluten from his diet among other inflammatory foods He enrolled in Peg’s 6-Week Program and has been coached 1-1 while doing our Cleanse with Food Reset. He started connecting more and listening to his body’s signals, reads his ingredient labels, removed wheat flour and started eating gluten free foods; mostly whole close to the source un-processed foods. He removed gluten foods containing wheat, barley, rye, oats, and dairy. He’s eating more nutrient rich, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, wild fish and artisan whole grain dairy-free gluten free breads. By staying the course and consistently eliminating all allergen and anti-inflammatory foods, his results have been amazing!

His extreme and scary Crohn’s flare was reduced by half in his first week. By week 2, his symptoms were gone and his body was starting to repair. He’s almost 30 years old, and not one doctor ever shared that food could help him heal. They told his parents when he was young and diagnosed, that drugs would be the only way to help manage and reduce his symptoms.  They refused the drugs. His symptoms got really bad. Today, I’m so dang proud of the choices he has made for his health.  He is on his way to healing his small intestine, nourishing his body and living a vibrant life!  Wahoo!

I am passionate in helping you or your child heal, grow, shine and thrive! I hope to see you in one of my Free Masterclasses. Pegs has a special offer happening until January 12th for all Masterclass students. Join her! Sign up to our newsletter for details, have a discovery call or DM Pegs in Instagram.

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