Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Happy Holidays lovies!

Can you believe Christmas is this weekend?! Wow. I don’t know about you, but it’s wild to me that there are less than 2 weeks left in this year. Since it feels as if Christmas just appeared, we have put together our last minute Christmas gift guide for all the last minute shoppers out there.

Now, if you are like me (or I should say how I normally am), I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping. Occasionally around Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales, if there is certain things I know my family/sisters would like I purchase it. I’m also all about getting useful, fun, decorative little things to include with the “bigger” part of their gift.

This is where our Christmas Gift Guide steps in. We put together some of our favorite things to give to family and friends as gifts. And of course, you know we can’t leave out Pegs cookbook Damn Good Gluten Free (the ULTIMATE Christmas gift)!

Since I haven’t done a “What I’m Currently Loving” lately, I am including those things here. I personally love getting all sorts of gifts from food, kitchen items, skin care, crystals, to random knick-knacks. So anything goes.

Per the usual procrastinator, sometimes parts of my gifts don’t arrive in time for Christmas… that’s ALL GOOD. I will print out a photo and wrap it in the box with other things. OR you can make it fun, like an unwrapping adventure, and put the photo in funny shaped boxes inside of other boxes to keep they guessing; SO many fun things you can do with this.

I also LOVE personalizing Christmas gifts. Embroidering something, making treats, or putting an experience together (one you two could do together) are great ideas!

Hope you find this useful for your last minute holiday shopping ◡̈

Health & Wellness

Everyone loves seeing what is working for others. I personally love trying new wellness goodies, and these are great for anyone you give gifts to!

  • Curry Girls Kitchen Program/eBook
  • Face masks
    • I love stocking up on these from the Korean spas I used to frequent back in Los Angeles. Any type of sheet mask is fun to give as a gift (and I personally love receiving). I also love getting non-toxic masks from The Detox Market.
  • Moon Mother Hemp CBD infused skin items
    • This woman owned, organic and sustainable CBD infused skin care and tincture line is amazing. I have been loving their glow serum and manuka honey mask!
  • Immunity Boosters
    • Paleovalley full spectrum defense, the Neuro Effect mushroom blend supplement is a great addition, for those who love their morning rituals and trying new health powders and things – this is a great gift. Also their ACV Complex is a great supplement for the healthy foodies.
    • Beekeepers Natural Immune propolis spray is something I always have in my purse, it is a great stocking stuffer and perfect for this time of year to help keep your loved one’s immunity strong. I also swear by their B.Smart Brain Fuel – a fun gift to give to bio-hackers.
  • Mab & Stoke
    • Their variety pack Mab sticks are great stocking stuffers and perfect for those who love new wellness finds. We also LOVE their recovery cream – it is a great gift for your athletes, parents, or anyone active really. So great to have on hand that is extremely useful! And fun to add with a “good for one massage” coupon for your loved ones 😉
    • EXTRA BONUS: use our discount code ~ CURRYGIRLS
  • We Are All Starborn skin and body products
    • Our dear friend Carolina hand makes these oils for your body and skin. They are so luxurious, contain the highest quality ingredients, and have magical herbal infusions for anyone who loves a good at home spa treatment and new daily skin items.
  • Air and Water Purifiers
    • This is if you are looking to really bring the wellness to your family and loved ones. Ever since my mold toxicity, I have been obsessed with cleaning my environment from any and all toxins. This would’ve been the best gift I could’ve ever received.
    • This AirDoctor is an amazing deal on a top of the line purifier. And you can get up to $300 off with our code!
    • We get asked daily about our water filtration system and I just discovered Aqua Water, an amazing brand that you can either install under your sink or have a system on your counter.

Food Things

These are great for you friends and family who love to cook.

  • Jovial Pasta and sauce
    • You can put together a fun “dinner night”. You can include a bottle of wine, cute tablecloth or picnic set up!
  • Beauty Bar Chocolate
    • I love to give chocolate or sweet things in with gifts.
  • Local spices or herbs
    • Whenever I travel somewhere I pick up local seasonings, honey, spices, etc. and share with loved ones during the holidays.
  • Elemental Superfood Bars
    • Pegs always puts these into our stockings. Food items are all great stocking-stuffers and fun snacks to have on hand.
  • Simple Kneads with local jam or honey
    • Gifting gluten free bread with a jam or honey is a fun gift to give. Like local the spices and herbs, finding local honey, jams, or other food products is always a hit during the holidays – especially for the foodies (or those like me who LOVE to eat)
    • Extra Deal: use code CURRYGIRLS15 for 15% off your order
  • Homemade treats
    • We have a whole blog on baked goods for gift giving, read here.

Home Things

These are great gifts for the chefs, those who just moved or are recently moved and are getting settled in.

  • The Adorn Co. for so many things
    • This ethically produced home goods and accessories shop is THE cutest. It’s a women owned local shop in Steamboat Springs, CO. They sell intentionally sourced products to support people coming out of desperate situations. They work with artisans who are rebuilding their lives – like their new pottery line that is made by refugees living in Turkey. Shop their store online HERE. I personally love all their pottery and olive wood items.
  • Local or artisan soaps
    • I love Wonder Valley olive oil soaps (their olive oil is great too), these are special gifts to give. If you have a local farmers market I’m sure there are goat butter soaps or other fun homemade items like this!
  • Tea towels
    • These are another fun item I am always finding myself grabbing a few extras if I find cute ones to share as gifts. These can be cute location based ones or fun artisan/painted special ones (especially while traveling internationally).
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Artisan Pottery
    • Who doesn’t love a good mug? These are perfect one off’s or fun pie dishes to get for the chefs in your life. We absolutely love Hanselmann Pottery and Whiskey and Clay, both of which are based out of New Mexico. On my summer road-trip last year, I got to visit both their shops and fell in love.
  • Crystals and Things
    • Our favorite places to get crystals from are Energy Muse and Right Tribe. Energy Muse has the most amazing gems, crystal infused items (like candles) and ritual sets. Right Tribe is an amazing local shop by our dear friends Lauren and Johnny who sell the coolest crystals in all shapes and sizes, leather planters, and amazing thrift-finds.

Donations in Honor of Loved Ones

  • Read our blog from last year all about this to see the place we love donating to. Plus more frun gift giving ideas.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Wow! This a really amazing gift guide. Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas.

    1. Curry Girls Kitchen March 31, 2022

      Thank you!!

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