Spiced Persimmon Rum Cocktail

Spiced Persimmon Rum Cocktail

2 tbsp Hachiya Persimmon, needs to be soft like pudding and scooped out

¼ cup Kreation Juice “Strength”

¼ cup Izze Sparkling Pomegranate

¼ cup to as much needed Arrowhead Sparkling Water, mixed berry or orange flavor

1-2 shots of Capitan Morgan’s Rum, or favorite dark rum

Fresh nutmeg to top cocktail

Dash of Cinnamon to top cocktail

Full cup of ice

Garnish for glass: slice of dried persimmon, slice of Fuyu persimmon, cinnamon stick


How to make this…

  • Scoop the soft innards of the Hachiya persimmon out and muddle in mason jar or serving glass
  • Pour in Kreation juice, Izze drink, rum and mix with spoon or whisk
  • Fill with ice and then top off with sparkling water. Mix again
  • Freshly grate nutmeg on top and then add dash of cinnamon
  • Garnish rim or mason jar with persimmons. Place cinnamon stick into drink (a straw would be nice too)


“Enjoy Responsibly” and be safe this Halloween!! xx

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