Gluten Free Chicken Chili

Gluten Free Chicken Chili is what we’ve been serving for the past 25 years at our Halloween open house. It’s sweet, savory and sassy which kids of all ages eat it by the bowl full every year! You might wonder why it wouldn’t be gluten free. Condiments are not all gluten free, so we’ve shared our favorite quality brands for the ingredients found in our Gluten Free Chicken Chili.

What you put on top of your chili is key too. Pegs loves her red onions and Bearitos which are a better for you version of the Frito type corn chips. Everyone leaves with full bellies and a satisfaction each year. We love paring our Chicken Chili with corn bread and honey butter. For dessert we make our famous pumpkin squares.

The bonus of chicken chili is that its chocked full of nutrition; tomatoes, beans, garlic, and onions add to it’s many wonderful nutrient benefits. The tomatoes alone are a key reason this chili is so good for us. Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene which is important for our heart health and cancer prevention. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K. When you top your chili with red onions you are gaining more fiber and folic acid that helps the body make healthy new cells. Red raw onions have higher levels of organic sulfur compounds that provide many benefits as well. Red onions and onions in general are good for us.

But shhh, don’t tell the kids that! We never tell them something is good for them, because they’d think it didn’t taste good. Another bonus is this whole meal can be made a day ahead and it feeds a crowd!

Watch our recipe video and then the full recipe follows.

Chicken Chili Ingredients:

1- 1 ½ lb Ground Chicken

1 Maui/or brown onion

2-3 Cloves minced garlic

½ Chopped Red pepper (optional)

11/2 TBL Chili Blend Powder (Love Spice Hunter)

2 T Honey

¼ tsp. Coriander

1 tsp Italian seasonings

1 t Cumin

1 tsp Celtic sea salt

3 whole cloves

¼ C Ketchup (1 big squeeze)

¼ C BBQ Sauce (1 big squeeze) Check to make sure it’s gluten free

1 29oz Can crushed tomatoes

1 can pinto beans with juice

1 can cannellini or white kidney beans with juice

Chicken Chili Method:

  1. Sauté onion, shallot and garlic until soft, and then add meat.
  2. Cook meat until nice and browned.
  3. Add all spices.
  4. Last add remaining ingredients and cook uncovered for 1 hour.
  5. Store refrigerated for 4 days. Freezes well too.

Chicken Chili Toppings:

  • Red or white diced onions, diced jalapeños, grated cheeses, sour cream, and Bearitos better for you non-gmo Frito like corn chips.
  • Serve with GF cornbread & honey butter. YUM!


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