What I’m Currently Loving, Vol II

I’m back with another What I’m Currently Loving, Volume II. If you missed Volume I the other week, this is where I share what I’m currently loving (as the title states) and plan to focus on organic, sustainable, local, small-batch, women-owned, B-corp, inclusive brands in all categories + any other things I’m currently loving… like books, podcasts, people, and (of course) food related things as well.


If you don’t follow us on Instagram @CurryGirlsKitchen, I linked a few items I purchased that weren’t food related and asked if you’d be interested in a monthly/bi-weekly newsletter listing my current favorites. The majority said YES PLEASE! So here we are – back with What I’m Currently Loving, volume II.

Before we get into it though… I have to share the love I have for Pegs upcoming cookbook Damn Good Gluten Free. Tonight I made the Minestrone Soup (plant-based variation) and it came out SO FRICKIN’ GOOD. Like woah.


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NOW FOR THE GOODS…  Volume II is filled with some random stuff …

What I’m Currently Loving, Vol. II.



#1 Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Cleanser Moisturizer Oil

  • This has become my holy grail of skin products. Moving to Colorado last year, I was reminded how badly the climate here dries out my skin. I tend to have normal skin complexion that can get dry (versus oily). This face cleansing oil is what I used as a face moisturizer, (I still don’t fully understand it as a “cleanser”). I was my face with a milky cleanser, apply toner, then hyaluronic acid, and finish with a pump or two of Seabuckthorn oil.
  • I also use their Best Skin Ever Sandalwood (which I love), Best Skin Ever Rose (wasn’t my favorite, but still going through it. Might have been because I got it when I went back to California for the summer and the oil was too rich for me at the beach. Had to switch to a lighter cream moisturizer), Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum (pricier, but I loved adding a drop to the Seabuckthorn oil. Definitely plan to order another ASAP), and eye serum roller.


#2 The New Savant Candles

  • Pegs and I had the pleasure of meeting Ingrid Nilsen years ago for a private cooking class in our home. We stayed in touch and over the years have loved watching her evolution from top Youtube creator, to activists, and now small business owner. Her and her partner, Erica, created this company in Brooklyn, New York where they live.
    • I love the 1969 scent I bought a few months back, and just bought their limited edition holiday scent California Christmas!


#3 My Air Fryer

  • Yes, this is a totally unnecessary kitchen tool – but I have been LOVING it. I honestly go in waves using it non-stop to then forgetting about it. Right now, I cannot get enough. It cooks everything in 15-20 minutes. It’s quick to heat and easy to clean.
    • My current obsession to make in the air fryer: Applegate’s Organic Gluten Free Chicken Breast Tenders
      • These have been my go-to protein for salads the past 2 weeks. My inner child is stoked, but I also feel more like an “adult” because they are tender strips and not nuggets haha they come out SO crispy-crunchy.
    • Also, Parmesan cheese rinds! Air fry for 10 minutes @ 400 degrees and these babies turn into the crispiest cheese nuggets. I cannot get enough.


#4 “Leftover” Halloween Candy by Unreal

  • I wish I could say I got trick-or-treaters, but to give into my cravings (Halloween was during my period) and to feel festive for the holiday I bought a few bags of these candies… and let me tell you… the “leftovers” didn’t last long.


#5 Copper Tongue Scrapper

  • The first thing I do, before I start my day, is I scrap my tongue. I actually think I am addicted to this. When I was in Denver this past weekend, I forgot it and it made me realize how gross I feel when I DON’T use it. I have been obsessed with this for the past few years.


#6 The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

  • I have read this book probably 3 times. It is a beautiful reminder/story on how to begin listening to your heart, divine guidance, and following your destiny. Cheesy topics, but all SO relevant during these times of huge global transformation and change.
    • I have been traveling a lot, and heading back to California soon, and have been really into audio books – I thoroughly enjoyed the narrator of the alchemist too! That can make or break an audio book for sure.


#7 Spotify’s Jazz for Autumn Playlist

  • Get ready to feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket, cozied up on the couch, with warm beverage in hand, watching the leaves change colors as it begins to rain… or snow! This playlist is everything you want ot listen to during the holiday season. It is also extremely versatile, perfect for a cocktail/dinner party, AND during the workday. I have used it for both.


I hope you enjoyed volume II! If you did, comment below and share what you are excited to try ◡̈

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