Apricot Bites

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Farm Fresh Apricot Bites

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Perfect for a quick and oh so tasty appetizer!

Serves 6 or more!



    6 apricots washed and halved (use more apricots for a larger crowd)

    Manouri Greek fresh feta like cheese (Any feta will work. 1 package of feta is plenty even if you increase the amount of apricots)

    Honey drizzle (We used our local raw sage from Farmers’ Market)

    1 bunch fresh sage leaves (How to fry: recipe follows below)

    Olive oil


    Method Options:

    Method #1  Using fresh uncooked apricots: as seen on recipe video.

    – Wash, dry, and halve apricots.

    – Place halved apricots on a serving platter or wooden board.

    – Crumble feta and place small amount inside the center “well” of the apricot.

    – Drizzle honey over the apricots. We used a spoon for a thin stream.

    – Garnish each apricot with a fried sage leaf. Recipe follows.

    – Ready to serve and enjoy!

    Method  #2

    – Broil apricots cut side up until browned. About 2 minutes. Watch carefully.

    – Take out from oven and let cool.  Best not to broil both sides, as they become too soft and don’t hold their shape.

    – Add enough cheese to fill the center of the apricot.

    – Drizzle with honey.

    – Garnish with a fried sage leaves.  Recipe follows.

    Frying sage leaves:


    1 bunch sage leaves

    Olive oil

    Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt (optional)


    – In a medium heated skillet add 2 Tbl. or more to cover the bottom of the pan.

    – Once oil is heated, add the sage leaves.

    – In about a few seconds, the leaves turn color. Flip leaves over cooking another 20-30 seconds.

    – Place on a paper towel to absorb extra oil, add pinch of salt and let cool.

    – Use fried sage leaves to garnish apricot bites.

    – Fry extra sage leaves to decorate your plate and have extras to eat!

    • Author: Curry Girls Kitchen

    *Watch our 2 minute recipe video HERE!

    **Watch recipe video HERE!

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