Gluten-free dessert options make with healthy ingredients for even the most discerning of tastes!

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies with Holiday Cutouts Adapted from Gluten Free Baking by Culinary Institute This sugar cookie recipe we found and adapted is great for making cookie cutouts with or without icing for all our different holiday celebrations! Ingredients:1/2 C butter, cold unsalted CUT into small cubes1/4 C sugar1 1/4 C Gluten Free 123, …

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Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Take your tastebuds to heaven. Imagine eating your favorite chocolate chip cookie, but with none of the guilt. It’s refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan, hitting all the #FoodTrends you want for your sugary treats. And the best part? You can enjoy this on your 7-Day Reset! Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies *Makes 12-14 cookies …

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French Macaron Recipe (Traditional)

Our French Macaron Recipe was inspired by our baking sesh with Michelle Macaron – truly a delight Yes! Macarons, (pronounced mack-a-ROHN) are those beautifully stuffed cookies that come in a variety of beautiful bright colors and flavors. Check out Michelle’s Instagram feed for amazing inspiration. I never thought I’d ever attempt to make those gorgeous …

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