Chocolate Mousse


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Chocolate Mousse

  • 4-5 oz. chocolate: bittersweet, semi sweet, favorite chocolate bar or morsels (1 bakers chocolate baking bar is 4 oz.) (Enjoy Life chocolate morsels or chunks)
  • ½ C milk: whipping cream (extreme richness & decadence), cow milk, half and half, hazelnut or almond milk (alternative dairy free milks work great!)
  • 2 Tbl. organic cane or coconut nectar
  • 1/3 C or 1 3 oz. container of whipped cream cheese (Nancy’s cultured) (omit if making Dairy free or vegan)
  • 1 16 oz. Container thawed So Delicious Coconut whip topping or 16 oz. container fresh made whipping cream
  • Small ramekins for individual cups
  • Chocolate shavings for garnish




  1. In a small pot, heat chocolate bar or morsels with 2 Tbl milk on very LOW heat, stirring so not to burn. Remove from heat once melted.
  2. Beat sugar into cream cheese. (If omitting cream cheese, omit sugar too)
  3. Add remaining milk, warm chocolate mixture and beat until smooth
  4. Gently fold chocolate mixture, not stir, into whipped topping or whipped cream.
  5. Scoop chocolate mousse into 4-6 small 1/2 C ramekins
  6. Garnish with chocolate shavings. Used a micro plain or cheese grater
  • Author: Curry Girls Kitchen

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