Corned Beef and Cabbage

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

The perfect one pot! So beyond simple it’s amazing! Not just for St. Patricks Day, this is delicious anytime of the year, and the leftovers!!!  Talk about yummy sandwiches or breakfast hash, OH YUM! Got it all here so read all the way down…


Serves 2 with a small amount of leftovers for next day’s hash.

1 1/2 lb seasoned corned beef already brined (cook beef 25 minutes per pound)

1 small green cabbage, quartered

6 small red potatoes left whole

1 bunch small carrots, you know the kind at farmers market, NOT the bagged ones PLEASE! They taste different. Even get larger ones and cut them. No need to peel them, scrub the skins good nutrients in them.

One soup pot



Make sure pot will hold the beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, and enough water to cover*.

Step 1

Place seasoned corned beef in pot and cover with plenty of water*. Bring to a boil. Once boiled, simmer for about 45-60 min. until fork tender. If using a larger piece of beef allow for a longer cook time. (cook beef 25 minutes per pound)

Step 2

Halfway through cooking add potatoes and carrots. ( 30 minutes once beef has boiled)

Step 3

Last 15 minutes add quartered cabbages

Step 4

Place corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots in a nice bowl/platter.

Serve with horseradish cream sauce and salad.

Mix 1 tsp prepared horseradish to 1/2 c sour cream, pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper. Adjust seasonings according to your taste.

corned beef hash

To Make corned beef hash:

Extra Ingredients to have on hand:

Coconut oil, ghee, olive oil or butter

1 potatoe diced

1/2 onion diced

1 small jalapeno

1-2 cloves garlic mined

Leftover corned beef, cabbages, carrots and potatoes


Dice or cube up all left overs, but keep them separated.

In a pre-heated skillet, add uncooked potatoes, onions, peppers. cook until softened.

Add leftover meet and veggies. Cook until nicely browned.

Crack an egg over top, cover and cook until set.

Serve with toast and butter. Even use leftover horseradish sauce.

*Watch our recipe video HERE!

corned beef cabbage and carrots

corned beef hash with egg full plate




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