Coconut Dream Smoothie

Coconut Dream Smoothie

If you follow our recipes regularly, then it is very easy to see we are OBSESSED with coconuts. We are constantly baking and cooking with coconut oil, flour, sugar, water flakes… Coconut is our go to ingredient.

Harmless Harvest is one of our absolute favorite coconut water brands. If you haven’t tried their coconut water yet, it is extremely fresh and tastes like you are drinking the liquid of a coconut that was just cracked open on some beach in Hawaii. Yup, it is that good.

Anywho, we got a chance to connected with them at Expo West (read article here) and gushed how much we loved their stuff. A few weeks later we had a box of gold show up on our doorstep. They had sent us some samples of their dairy free coconut probiotic drinks ~ what a dream!!

SO we got creative with their -ish and created this probiotic packed, vegan, dairy free (obvi), gluten free, brain food, creamy goodness Coconut Dream Smoothie! Woo!!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Scroll down for the full recipe. Watch recipe video HERE!

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