Gluten Free Apple Pie

What screams Fall more than Apple Pie! For years there wasn’t a flour fine enough to make a perfectly flaky pie crust, so we would make our tasty apple or seasonal fruit crisp. Today we have so many gluten free flour choices to help us make just about every dessert especially this Gluten Free Apple Pie.

Gluten Free Apple Pie Ingredients:

8 large apples cored, peeled, and thinly sliced ( you can also use any seasonal fruit: peaches nectarines, plums, or berries)

1⁄2 C organic cane sugar

2 Tbsp.  flour (Pamela’s Artisan gluten free)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 Tbsp. Butter cut up into small pieces to top fruit (set aside)

Cinnamon sugar blend

1 Gluten free pie crust ( recipe follows)

Optional: A dash of fresh lemon juice

Method for Making Gluten Free Apple Pie Filling

  1. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together and pour into prepared pie crust.
  2. Top fruit with butter pieces.
  3. Cover fruit and butter with second crust. Polk holes in top using a fork or make a design. Crimp edges using your fingers or use fork and press crusts together.
  4. Other fruit options and combinations: apple/pear, apple/berry, apple rhubarb, apple/peach

apple pie filling sugared

Pie Crust Ingredients:(Makes both top and bottom)

2 1⁄2 Cups gluten free flour ( Pamela’s or Cup for Cup)

1 C unsalted butter, MUST BE chilled cut into small pieces

1⁄4 C of ice water

2 TBL orange juice

2 tsp sugar

1⁄2 tsp salt

1  9″ pie plate

Rolling pin

Extra flour in a cup for rolling out your pie crusts

Method for Making Pie Crusts

  1. With food processor, combine flour, salt and sugar.
  2. Add 1 Cup cold butter pieces and pulse the machine until mixture resembles coarse meal.
  3. Gradually add 1⁄4 Cup, or less, iced water or iced orange juice and process just until dough begins to form into a ball and holds together.
  4. Divide dough in half.  Wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This crust can be made the day before.
  5. Once you take it out from the refrigerator, give it 10 minutes to soften.
  6. Roll dough out on a well floured “Silpat” or plastic wrap as shown in our CGK  video.
  7. Make sure your rolling pin is also well floured.
  8. Take one half of the dough and roll it out. Place the crust on the bottom of your pie plate.
  9. Fill the pie crust with your fruit.
  10. Roll out second pie crust for the top of your pie. Cut out a few shapes or use the tip of a fork to add air holes for your pie to breathe while cooking.
  11. Top pie with second crust, crimp or use a fork to seal the edges of your pie.
  12. Sprinkle top with a little cinnamon and sugar.
  13. Place pie in a preheated 400- degree oven for 15 minutes.
  14. Lower heat and continue baking at 350-degrees for approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour longer, or until hot and bubbly and crust is nice and browned.
  15. If the crust looks like its browning too fast, take a pie crust cover and gently lay it over the top of the pie.
  16. Once done, allow the pie to cool a little before serving.
  17. Serve with vanilla ice cream. Totally YUM!!!

pie crust rolling on plastic

apple pie rolling out dough

apple pie crust bottom and filling

apple plum blueberry

 apple pie filling with butter dots

Pie crust cut outs best

Apple pie up close top

crimping your pie crust edges

Apple pie in oven

slice of apple pie Best

Thanksgiving apple pie


Peggy and Megan Curry are a mother-daughter duo that embraces the art of healthy cooking, helping people discover their own healthy lifestyle through delicious food and conscious choices.

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