Lunch Ideas



Varied, healthy and fresh (think reusable containers).


Night-before dinner leftovers

Roll-ups with meat/tortillas- use cheese, sprouts, and avocado

Salads- egg, tuna, chicken

Hard-boiled eggs

Meats~(NITRATE`FREE)-grilled, roasted smoked, herbed chicken, turkey ham, peppered beef, salami, ham

Cheese — Feta, Muenster, Havarti jack

GF Bread Choices~ Udi’s – bread, beagals, hero rolls; Rudi’s, Canyon Bakery, Against the grain, local bakeries

Spreads~ hummus plain/flavored, cream cheese, pesto, refried beans,aoili

Condiments~Veganase, Dijon or honey mustard, ketchup, ranch, 1000 island

Veggies in sandwiches~lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, red onion, tomato, radish

Dips – salsa, ranch dressing, hummus, guacamole, peanut butter, yogurt

Gluten Free bread from local bakery



Sandwich classics:

Subway/Hero: Whole grain roll with optional fillings: deli meats, cheese, lettuce, sprouts, red onion, tomato and dressing on the side

Traditional Sandwich: Whole grain bread, lunch meat, cheese, and lettuce, condiments

WOW Sandwich: Spinach wrap, focaccia roll, WG sour dough bread: with pesto or hummus or both, chopped fresh chicken or sliced meats, feta or another shredded cheese, lettuce, avocado, drizzle dressing

Egg salad, tuna salad sandwiches

The other nut butter sandwich: Try almond, cashew, sunflower butters

The vegetarian: In a whole grain wrap add avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spouts, red onion, any left over roasted or garlic sautéed vegetables…

Tuna Melt


Sandwich alternatives:

Rolled deli meat with hummus, cheese, lettuce, avocado, sprouts

Use whole grain tortilla to create a wrap with meats and cheese or veggies and avocado

Salad to go adding cut up colorful vegetables and chicken or beans

Heat up their favorite soup or chili and put in an insulated thermos

Leftovers i.e.: pastas, teriyaki chicken bites, meatloaf sandwich, taco meat wrap, chicken salad

Frozen entrees: Amy’s Pizza Bites and Enchiladas, Applegate chicken tenders, Amy’s bowls

Ready made salads: Earthbound Farms, or make your own; Chicken Caesar, Chinese or Cobb


Homemade Salads Homemade Wrap Homemade Spring Rolls


Sandwich additions and spreads: Beneficial Fats and condiments








Red Onion

Shredded carrots


Vegenase mayo



Cream cheese

Flavored mustard: Dijon, honey mustard, yellow, etc.

Salad dressing


Watch our Sandwich Recipe video ~




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