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Curry Girls Kitchen ~ Breakfast of Champions

School will be back in session, so we figured to share some of our favorite dishes to start the morning with! These are templates, our go-to’s; from quick to more complex. We know every day there is something different ~ here are options to make it fresh and easy!

Instant breakfast ideas

Peanut, almond or sunflower butter spread over a toasted frozen waffle

Whole yogurt over granola

Trail mix in a bag: Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, shredded coconut

Pre made hard boiled eggs

Re-Heat last night’s dinner

homemade granola with berries

Quick breakfast ideas

Breakfast burrito (Scrambled egg, cheese, ham or toss in left over veggies)

Over-easy, scrambled or poached egg and whole grain toast and a

Frozen waffle with butter

Melted cheese on whole grain toast (top with tomato, avocado or slice of ham)

quick cooking hot cereal like this Bobs Red Mills Creamy Brown Rice Farina

Improve breakfast regulars

For those days when only cold cereal will do:

  • Add ground flax seeds and/or nuts for high quality protein and fat
  • Serve with a slice of whole grain toast with butter
  • Offer up a side of scrambled egg
  • Hand them a slice of deli meat to eat as they walk out the door

Pancake mornings:

  • Add an extra egg to the mix for extra protein
  • Grind up almonds and/or flax seeds, add to mix for extra protein, fat and calcium
  • Add fresh fruit or unsweetened applesauce into the mix
  • Use pure maple syrup, it is free of additives such as high fructose corn syrup

MORE Breakfast Ideas:

Eggs ~ over easy or scrambled with ham, spinach, onions or greens (watch our video ~ how to scramble eggs)

Breakfast Burrito: scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, salsa and avocado

Egg on an English muffin, avocado, sausage, ham or cheese optional

Veggie egg scramble or Frittata (egg pizza with leftover veggies and cheese)

Eggs scrambled with chopped hot dogs or diced sausage

Egg in a blanket (cookie cut a hole in center of bread, spread butter and fry egg in center of cut out)

Grilled cheese and ham or sausage sandwich with avocado

French toast (whole grain toast dipped in egg, vanilla and cinnamon, light sugar

Pancakes (whole grain mix, added ground flax and coconut flours, ground nuts)

Whole Grain Toast with nut butter

Whole grain bagel, cream cheese and salmon

Whole grains with seeds or fruit

Waffles with cut up seasonal fresh fruit

Seasonal Fruit smoothie (fresh fruit, coconut oil, cow, coconut, or goat yogurt,)

Hot Cereal (rice, oats, spelt, grits), with raisins or dried fruit and maple syrup

Granola or cold cereal with fresh fruit

Avocado, cheese and tomato on whole grain toast

Dinner leftovers for breakfast

Eggs scrambles and veggies with sweet potato hash breakfast burrito or tacos breakfast sandwich gluten free pancakes (recipe linked) breakfast brown rice and sunflower seeds waffles with blueberries breakfast smoothie Creamy brown rice porridge with chia seeds topped with persimmons raisins and toasted coconut flakes Egg whites with sides Leftover lentil stew with an egg and avocado for breakfast

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