Polenta Cake

Polenta Cake


1 ½ C Polenta (used Bob’s Red Mill organic polenta)

4 ½-5 C water

1-2 Tbl butter or goat butter*, or Melt (DF butter alternative)

¼ C Pecorino Romano, grated  alternative non-dairy cheese or nutritional yeast (optional)

½ Tsp Celtic Sea Salt add up to 1 tsp. if omitting the pecorino cheese

Note: Another option is to add fresh corn kernels at the end of cooking. Stir them in before it solidifies.



Bring water to a boil. Add salt to the water. Slowly whisk in the polenta.

Continue to stir as the polenta comes to a boil and then starts to become like porridge. Let simmer for 20-30 minutes or until it tastes done (no longer gritty).

Butter or grease a pie plate with coconut oil . Pour polenta into the pie plate and let cool. As it cools, about 10 minutes, it becomes firm. Let rest until ready to serve.

Top polenta cake with sauteed vegetables, Ratatouille, wild mushroom or chicken ragu…Use as the base for your Eggs Benedict! Lots of wonderful way’s to serve this versatile side!

Watch Recipe video HERE!

Top polenta cake with Ratatouille.


Use polenta cake for Eggs Benedict.  One has smoked salmon, capers, onions and GF hollandaise sauce. The other has salami, but you can use ham, and hollandaise sauce.  both garnished with shiitake mushrooms. Recipes coming soon.

Watch Recipe video HERE!

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