Sugar Snaps and Bok Choy

With sugar snaps and bok choy in my JR Organics CSA box the other week, I decided to make a green sauté!

All I needed was some garlic, shiitake mushrooms and a yellow (or Maui) onion. This recipe is so quick and easy to make, you’ll be done in less than 15minutes!


To prep:

-string & rinse sugar snaps

-rinse and rough chop bok choy

-slice onion (or dice if you prefer)

-rinse and slice mushrooms

-peel and mince garlic


To cook:

-Heat skillet to medium and place 1TBL coconut oil.

-In a separate medium pot, bring water to a boil.

-When the oil starts to separate, it means the pan is hot and ready.

-Put garlic, onions, and mushrooms into pan. Cook down for 3-5minutes until soft and tenders.

-While onions and mushrooms cook down, blanche sugar snaps in boiling water for 3 minutes.

-Add bok choy to mushrooms and onion. Cover skillet with lid and cook for another2-3minutes.

-When greens are tender, mix sugar snaps into skillet. Salt to taste.

mushrooms and onions beautiful bok choy on top of cooked down mushrooms and onions cover bok choy to wilt cooked down bok choy, mushrooms, and onions the finished CLEAN sauté Kids love it! Put it with some leftover rice or make a side of risotto.. Lucci ate it up 🙂

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