What is a Pendulum?


Hmmm you might be thinking, “Pendulums, are they a bunch of HOCUS POCUS?”

“NO” pendulums are neither magic nor a joke…IF that is you truly believe that using your body’s own energy and intuitive sense CAN help you find the answers you are seeking~ along with the help of a wonderful health care practitioner and or doctor.

Sometimes you just want to know specific answers to particular questions around the foods you are eating, supplements you are taking and the supplements you read or hear about. Those supplements’ that may be beneficial for some, but NOT necessarily good for everyone. Using the pendulum helps you figure out what really DOES work for your unique body’s chemistry! We are NOT saying to use a pendulum instead of seeking the help of a doctor, rather use the pendulum as a TOOL to become that much more familiar and knowing of your body.

For nearly 18 years I tried to figure out why Megan was always so sick and wasn’t getting better from all the different doctors, both traditional and holistic ~ nothing was working.  As a parent I wanted to help her and the rest of her sisters find a way that would show us that our intuition was right, or not.  I needed to find what would help us find answers to our health issues without always calling a doctor.

I was first introduced to pendulums at a health food store. Then with a holistic doctor who dowsed the girls using a whip like dowser.  I found the smaller pendulum easier to use and to be completely accurate once I got the hang of it and trusting what it told me.

TRUST and intention are most important when using a pendulum. It takes practice. But once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at how accurate and spot on its answers are. REMEMBER the pendulum is giving YOU the answers YOU already know~ you just might not have been listening to, or paying close enough attention to your body’s warning signals. The pendulum is sharing what your body already knows from the inside and what it wants and needs in order to stay strong and healthy. Tricky, we know…Pendulums are not for everyone.  But for those who believe, you will be amazed!

We created this particular pendulum with Energy Muse Jewelry because the heavier crystals found on most pendulums were cumbersome. This style of pendulum we found to be the perfect weight and size to tuck into your pocket or purse and carry with you wherever you go.

Directions for using your pendulum:

Personally we like to bless everything new that comes into our lives. Then we set an intention such as ” Please help me find ways that will improve my health and well being” “I am most grateful”. Gratitude as we know helps with everything.

1) Hold the pendulum in one hand, the hand that is most steady, and a few inches above your other hand.

2) Line up 5-10 foods in question, some foods you believe do aggravate your body and those that don’t give you a reaction or symptom. Symptoms such as a diarrhea, IB, stuffy nose, rash, gas, or bloated belly, headache, joint pain (the list is endless).  Have fun being YOUR OWN INVESTIGATOR. It’s empowering!

3) First ask the question, “Is it OK for you to help me? Is this a good time?”  It will say either “yes”, by that I mean, the crystal will nod “yes” forward and backward, or “No” side to side just like your head nods “no”.  Most often it will say “yes”.  The pendulum knows your intention and truth… You are also tapping into your inner child. Embrace him or her and thank him or her for their help. Inner child work is another whole topic for discussion.

4) Next begin with a simple question. “Is this banana beneficial for my body?” “Is this broccoli what is causing my stomach to bloat?” “Is this bread or pasta, beer, ice cream, cheese, and or pizza giving me a stomach ache, or diarrhea?” Name your symptom

Keep each question simple.  There is no limit as you become more comfortable using your pendulum.

5) Each question might also warrant a “good or bad” answer. “GOOD” rotates in a clockwise circle. “BAD” rotates counter clockwise. Your “yes” or “no” question might go straight into a “good” or “bad” circle.

The  “good” is something your body really loves! The  “bad” is potentially harmful or reactionary.  Pay close attention to the energy the crystal is swinging. The larger more grand the motion, the greater the possible reaction OR the greater your body likes and wants it.

The pendulum truly is a powerful tool for assisting us with so many of life’s  choices, challenges, and situations.

We hope this all makes sense.  PLEASE comment and let us know your thoughts!


Pegs and Megs



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